How to Cope During a Heatwave

how to cope during a heatwave - Lisbon

Hello my lovely giraffes it’s been hot in England and all across Europe. I love the heat, bright sunshine and wearing less layers. However, some days have been hotter than Trinidad and Tobago. London can’t cope with this and most people can’t cope with this. I posted a few tips on my Instagram but if you don’t follow me or have social media, a post might be helpful. Here are my tips on how to cope during a heatwave.

How to Cope During a Heatwave

What to Wear

Knowing what to wear when it’s hot is incredibly important and I’ve got you covered.

First, look at the fabric composition. Look for mainly natural fibres like cotton or linen. Wide leg trousers, jumpsuits, maxi skirts, loose fitting dresses. Basically if it looks like it will cling to your body, stay away.

It’s the same for your underwear. Just wear all cotton knickers and bras if you can.

how to cope during a heatwave

What to Drink During a Heatwave

It goes without saying that staying hydrated is a must during this weather. If you’re fed up with plain water, try adding cucumbers and letting is soak for a bit. Or, maybe sparkling water might give you the variation that you’re looking for. There’s also coconut water to give your tastebuds something different.

What to Eat

For some, the thought of a hot meal when it’s hot outside is unappealing. If you’re that person, try cold cuts, vegetable and/or fruit salads. A quick and easy meal is getting already cooked roast chicken, add some spinach, cucumbers, avocado, sweet peppers, lettuce, olives and sundried tomatoes. You can substitute the chicken for tuna, beans, tofu or feta cheese.

Protecting Your Skin

You all know that I’m a skincare junkie and if you didn’t, now you know :). As much as I love the sunshine, it’s a killer on my skin and causes premature ageing…not cute!

Using an spf is not an option, it’s mandatory. Regardless of your skintone we all need to use spf and not spf 15, think at least 30! Here are a few spfs for different skin types; oily, dry, acne and sensitive skin.

If your current skincare routine is giving your skin an more of an oil slick look instead of a glow. Check that your moisturiser isn’t too thick for summer. Maybe a gel like consistency might work better for you. Also, look at using less products in the daytime.

Although it’s not skincare, please wear sunglasses. They protect the skin around your eyes and your eyes! Oh and have you noticed that you squint when you’re in the sun? Yup, wearing sunglasses should help reduce the squinting.

How to Sleep During a Heatwave

This is the biggest thing I hear everyone complaining about and it can be a pain. I know how important a good night’s sleep is as I’ve suffered with insomnia in my recent past. Here’s how to cope during a heatwave and sleep. First, use cotton sheets if you’re not. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep and you’re sticking to the sheets. If you can, open the windows at least an hour before bed. Next, put a hot water bottle or 2, in the freezer and stick under your sheets or pillow. You could even get a cooling pillow if you don’t have a hot water bottle.

Fans are great, put them on before you need to sleep. That way it’ll help with the temperature before you get in there. Also, look at what you’re sleeping in. Stick to cotton sleep wear like these from The White Company. Or, nothing at all if you’re comfortable sleeping nude.

Those are my tips on how to cope during a heatwave. If I learn or try anymore, I will share. Also, remember to stay out of direct sunlight during peak times, which is usually 12 to 2pm. Check on the elderly, pets and babies. Stay cool and until next time, be well! x

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