Wedding Guest Etiquette Tips You Need!

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Welcome back my lovey giraffes. Today is the second instalment of my wedding guest series. The first one is was all about saving money as a guest and today is on etiquette. So if you’ve got a wedding coming up read my wedding guest etiquette tips.

Wedding Guest Etiquette Tips

RSVP on time

Once you receive the invite, take the time to decide whether you can or even want to attend. This is especially important if it’s a destination wedding. Reply within the time frame because it really is unfair on the couple. Also, please let them know your dietary requirements so they can prepare in advance.

Having a Plus One at a Wedding

Going to a wedding solo can sometimes be a bit of a drag, unless it’s a group of you going. However, if this is not the case you need to clarify whether you can bring a plus one. If this isn’t clear on the invitation please ask. There’s nothing worse than turning up to a wedding and there isn’t a place for your plus one at the reception.

Wearing White to a Wedding

Next tip on my wedding guest etiquette tips list is, not to wear white. Most people know this but not everyone. I’ve been to weddings before and a few guests were in white or ivory. Just a gentle reminder that the wedding is a celebration of the bride and groom.

Children Guests

If you have cute little ones that have been invited to the wedding, how fun! Sometimes the venue can be too warm or, they maybe bored or hungry and start crying. Please excuse yourself with your little cutie and take them outside until they’re calmer. Here are some ideas from the website Hitched on activities to to keep children entertained.

That’s all from me today and now I’d love to hear from you. What other wedding guest etiquette tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below. My final instalment will be out next week so be sure to subscribe 😉

As always, thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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