An Unforgettable Travel Experince in Perth

an unforgettable travel experience in perth

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Hello my travel giraffes how are you doing today? Sorry for the late travel post but life happens. Anyway, today’s post is about having an unforgettable travel experience in Perth. I went to Perth a few years ago and had a blast! If you’re thinking of going, here are a few tips to have a great time.

An Unforgettable Travel Experience in Perth

There are so many things to discover when you travel in Australia. As a large diverse country, deciding which area you want to experience is the main challenge. If you decide on Western Australia, then it’s capital, Perth, is a fantastic place to start. A vibrant city full of culture, outdoor adventures, fashion, arts and food, there is a lot to discover. Look for deals with Ace Rent A Car – Perth Airport and you are good to go and explore!

Explore Barrack Street Jetty

Looking for fine dining, adventure and relaxation in equal measure and sightseeing? Then a night out at Barrack Street Jetty should be on your must-do list. There is a huge variety of bars, cafes and restaurants catering to almost every cosmopolitan taste. Visit the iconic Bell Tower, a centrepiece of the waterfront scenery, and climb it to access a three hundred and sixty degree view of Perth from the open air Observation Deck. You can even record and send a free video postcard from the top!

Take A Beach Day

To have an unforgettable experience in Perth then you definitely need to visit the beach. You could have a beach day at, Cottesloe Beach is a kilometre of stunning white sandy Bay with vibrant turquoise waters stretching the Western Australian coastline – perfect for a few Instagram snaps. Locals love this coastal locations for it’s laid back vibes and great swimming. It’s easy to catch a bus or a train from the centre of Perth to enjoy the natural beauty this location has to offer, and it’s highly popular on sunny days. There is an abundance of marine life, so if you’re into snorkeling, it’s a great place to explore. Plus, make sure you check out the floating bell used as a diving platform just off the shore. Stay for the famous technicolour sunsets over the Indian Ocean and enjoy the views with a drink or two.

Take A Trip To Penguin Island

There aren’t many people who don’t love penguins. If you don’t, what’s wrong with you? You can be surrounded by them at Penguin Island in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park off the coast of Perth. There are pristine beaches and stunning clear waters, the island isn’t just a way to get up close with some feathered friends. You can also enjoy all the other delights it has to offer, like hiking trails, breathtaking views, and swimming and snorkelling. Ferries depart hourly between 9am-3pm so it’s easy to reach for one of the thrice daily penguin feeding sessions led by the Island Rangers.

Shop Til You Drop At Fremantle Markets

Want to hunt out some souvenirs, clothes, accessories or fresh produce? You can try your hand at bartering and here are some tips. Then make sure you schedule in a tour of Fremantle Markets, around 30 minutes west of Perth. In action since 1879, you can sample the local street food and find handmade treasures to take home as a keepsake. With lively stalls and buskers entertaining the crowd, a visit here is the perfect way to spend a relaxed afternoon soaking in the Australian sights and sounds. Who knows what you might discover?

Does this sound like you will have an unforgettable travel experience in Perth? Let me know in the comments below.

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