2018 Christmas Travel Junkie Gift Guide

2018 Christmas travel junkie gift guide

Okay my giraffes, as the title suggests this is the gift guide for the travellers in your life. Don’t worry, it isn’t going to be a flight to Bali, unless of course you can afford that. If you can, holla at me 🙂 Let’s get started on my 2018 Christmas travel junkie gift guide.

2018 Christmas Travel Junkie Gift Guide


Whether you’re an over packer, minimalist packer or somewhere in between you will need luggage of some description. Since we’re doing our part to buy quality over quantity, we need to look for luggage that can stand the test of time. I am a big fan of Aerolite and Samsung luggage range.


I like this brand because the fabric the luggage is made out of is light and durable. So this is perfect for the over packers who are always going over their luggage allowance.

My favourite are the 4-wheel cases which are so necessary when you’re navigating the bumpy streets of Rome and Amsterdam.

Aerolite luggage that has a USB charger for your mobile and even a built in scale. Plus, it has 8 wheels making it easy to roll with. You can read more about this case here.


I have a massive case made out of fabric for long-haul trips lasting over 2 weeks. It is heavier than the Aerolite but, it has so much space and can extend.

This is perfect for the travel junkie who is away a month at a time and loves to bring back trinkets and presents for their loved ones.

There are other brands out there who are amazing but I can only speak about what I’ve experienced. Also, let me know if you would be interested in a blog post on choosing the right type of luggage in the comments below.

Travel Accessories

This would be such a thoughtful and practical gift to give to a travel junkie. I know I would want to receive what I’m about to suggest.

World Travel Adaptor – perfect for charging all your electrical gear in almost every country. Some options are here, here and here.

Travel pillow – a gift from God when your flight is 8 hours long and you would rather spend money on the hotel instead of that business class ticket. Go for ones that can mould to the person’s neck, easily washed and if possible can be hooked to a bag. Some lovely options can be seen here, here and here.

Packing cubes – I finally purchased some cubes this year and it has been a game changer. I can organise my clothing a lot easier and store all my chargers and usb leads in one pouch. I found these ones that are handmade in Scotland on Trakke.

Luggage tags – when almost every other person has a black suitcase a luggage tag would be perfect to help you identify your case on the carousel. I like these quirky ones from Not on the High Street. Or these Sass & Belle ones.

Carry-on Luggage – yes I did luggage earlier but this is different. For starters size matters and how it’s carried. You could have a back-pack, the bag like a gym bag or, a smaller version of a bigger case. I picked up a leather back-pack in Italy and it’s perfect for weekend trips or, to use in conjunction with the carry-on case. I liked this option from Aruku which admittedly is on the pricier side but will last a lot longer.

You could create a little gift set with a few items for the travel junkies in your life.

Gift Cards

My final idea for my 2018 Christmas travel junkie gift guide, are gift cards. They are great if you’re short on time or, if your travel junkie loved one has everything else covered. The vouchers could be for a hotel or even go towards flights. Speaking of flights, if you have a ton of airmiles that you aren’t going to use then see if you can gift it to your loved one.

Okay folks that’s all for today on the 2018 Christmas junkie gift guide. Come back again tomorrow for the next gift guide. You can subscribe to my weekly newsletter to keep up to date.

Until next time, be well! x

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