Art in Amsterdam

I had never been to Amsterdam before but I was gifted with a ticket by a gorgeous friend of mine for a weekend. First thing that I noticed was how easy it was to navigate and secondly, there’s art in Amsterdam, everywhere you turn.


If you’ve been to a major city before then navigating is pretty seamless. Plus, it feels that people are the major forefront when they were designing the infrastructure. People, people on bikes, then trams and finally cars.

Bicycles in a row, Art in Amsterdam on

Like most European cities it can be a little pricey but, I found that it was pretty reasonable since we aren’t big drinkers and we walked everywhere! There’s so much to see and experience, especially the art. To me Amsterdam is like a living breathing piece of art.

Such a lady scultpture, Art in Amsterdam on
Such a lady

There are all types of food everywhere! (sorry I was too busy eating that I didn’t take photos).

The canal runs through the city, people are on their bikes even the little ones. The museums and their gardens are filled with beautiful works that evoke emotion from you.

Tell a story bunny, Art in Amsterdam on
Tell a story bunny
Bunnies in a row, Art in Amsterdam on
Bunnies in a row
Sculpture in gardens, Art in Amsterdam on
Sculpture in gardens

We visited the Van Gogh museum and although I couldn’t take any photos, I was touched by Van Gogh. He struggled to keep his sanity whilst producing beautiful works that people all around the world are in awe of. It was a stark reminder that people who suffer from mental illnesses are not to be shunned but supported. It can happen to any of us, none of us are exempt.

The lovers. Art in Amsterdam on
The lovers

Two days weren’t enough to see it all, but it definitely was enough to wet my appetite to go back. Have you been to Amsterdam before? What did you think of the art?

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