What’s So Special About Bali?

what's so special about Bali- rice farm

So you’ve seen everybody and their dog (not really!) going to Bali and probably wondering what’s so special about Bali?

Let me tell you, this part of Indonesia is out of this world! Here’s why.

What’s So Special About Bali

1. Rice Rice Baby – if it’s one thing this country has in abundance it’s rice! They grow their own and it’s delicious. There’s even a Rice Terrace that you can walk through or, just admire from afar.
what's so special about Bali- Rice Terrace
2. The weather – I’m an island girl at heart and always will be so for me visiting another island is like going home. There are 2 seasons; rainy and dry. Temperatures are in the mid-20s to 30s so I’m usually in my glee.
3. Frangipani flowers – I didn’t know how beautiful these flowers smelt until I went to Bali. They are seen everywhere and add so much beauty. I was fortunate enough to stay at a hotel that had trees along the path.
4. Ambiance – okay I know ambiance is usually reserved for restaurants but there’s an ambiance or vibe that belongs to Bali. There’s this peaceful zen vibe that you can’t help but feel amongst the busyness of some areas. Somehow there’s a balance between the fast-paced and the slower paced atmosphere. Maybe because there are a lot of temples that they pay respects to.
what's so special about Bali- waterfalls
5. Friendly People – the Balinese people are one of the friendliest people I’ve come across in my travels thus far. They are absolutely lovely and always happy to barter with you in the market. Kindness goes a long way and they seem to live from that space.
That’s what’s so special about Bali! I could go on and on but I think you get the picture. Does this make you want to go to Bali now? Let me know in the comments below. I know I will be going back!
As always, thank you for reading and commenting.
Until next time, be well!

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