Grateful Moments of September

grateful moments of september -

There’s a lot negative, crappy and all-round heartbreaking stuff happening around the world. I could name them but, you know what they are and where they’re taking place. You yourself might be going through some kind of upheaval that makes you think that there’s only crap happening in the world. Well, there isn’t. There’s a lot of amazing, positive, life-affirming things that help us realise that life isn’t all bad. You really just need to look at your life and see all the things that you can be grateful for.

So after that long intro :), today’s lifestyle post is about my grateful moments of September.

Grateful Moments of September


Last month saw my very first article, that I wrote, published in Designed Magazine! I worked so hard on the piece on beauty brand, Buly and was incredibly grateful that the Editor of the magazine had asked me to write it in the first place. You can pick up your very own copy (if you want to) at some WHSmith’s, Selfridges and Harrods.

First Press Trip

Contrary to popular belief, not all bloggers get invited to exotic locations or even to the pub. Opportunities are out there and it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Through Designed Magazine, I was able to experience my first press trip to Amsterdam. When I was asked if I wanted to attend, of course, I said yes! Who wouldn’t say yes to visiting such a beautiful city and being a representative for the magazine?


I know this is an odd one but, I’m grateful for technology because it allowed me to tell my aunt that I loved her before her passing. It allows me to communicate with my loved ones in Trinidad often so they don’t feel so far away. Being able to sometimes see friends who are a few miles away or thousands of miles away, is something we often take for granted. So next time you video call or, Skype just remember that you can!


As you can tell, I love travelling and sharing my experiences with you all, however, it’s costly to travel. I’ve gotten pretty okay at finding decent travel hacks but it still costs money. So when I book a spontaneous trip or planned it so far in advance that I may have forgotten about it until a couple weeks beforehand, I find myself feeling grateful that I have the opportunity to fly. I know quite a few people may not have that opportunity due to various circumstances.

There are other things I am grateful for but we’d be here for awhile and I just wanted to get you thinking about your grateful moments of September. I’d love for you to share so please leave a comment.

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