Casual Autumn Saturday

casual autumn saturday- JustFab handbag

Hello my fashion giraffes, it’s the weekend! Perfect time for you to relax and have brunch or a Sunday roast! Yummy! Today’s fashion post is a casual autumn Saturday OOTD.

Casual Autumn Saturday

What started off as a somewhat dreary day last week Saturday, in fact, turned out to be a lovely day.

My lovely friend and I strolled down Southbank to snap a few pictures and take in the sights. I love going down to that part of London because there’s always something happening. Plus, the views are always amazing regardless of the weather.


Let’s talk about this OOTD which is perfect for a casual autumn Saturday stroll. The sweatshirt is from good ole Primark and is the softest, cosiest thing I’ve worn in awhile. It set me back a whole £5! Gotta love Primarni 🙂

casual autumn saturday- primark sweatshirt

Over the sweatshirt, I just threw on a boyfriend denim jacket by Levis. Next, I wore my favourite pair of jeans also by Levis which are the Mile High jeans. I love these because of the high waist and how stretchy they are. Great for that Sunday roast or a fabulous brunch!

casual autumn saturday- Primark gucci inspired boots


I will talk about the shoes before the bag because I’m a shoe junkie. These I wasn’t sure about originally but, they gave me a Gucci vibe and they were reduced to £3! Nope, I’m not kidding because that would be cruel. I’ve never owned silver boots, as an adult. I played mas in Trinidad as a child and owned silver boots at some point but never as an adult. Anyway, I wanted to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, so I bought them. What do you think?


casual autumn saturday- JustFab handbag

Last but definitely not least is this JustFab bag. I am absolutely in love with this bag and it has become my weekend and travel go-to bag. It’s on trend with the red colour and the boxy structured shape. There’s enough space to hold a multitude of things, with a variety of compartments so you won’t misplace your valuables.

So what are you doing today? Will you wear silver shoes to strut around Southbank or is that just me? 🙂

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