My Best Holiday Photo 2017

Today’s travel post is a little different because it’s showing you what I consider to be my best holiday photo of 2017. When Holiday Gems asked me to think about this, I thought how on earth will I come up with an answer? But surprisingly I did.

My Best Holiday Photo

Before I show you the photo, I want to explain why I chose this. When I thought about the places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit this year ( here, here, here ) this is the one place that stood out for me.

Next, I had to figure out which photo sums up what this place meant to me and the impact it has left on my life. I do like to do the easy stuff, don’t I?

When I thought about it and stripped away all of the comparisons, it must be perfect noise, it became pretty clear which one it needed to be.

Best holiday pic- Sunset in Bali

This is a sunset in Bali and it pretty much sums up my best holiday photo for 2017. It has all the elements I need for an amazing holiday; sun, sea and sand. These were colours I saw pretty much every single day I was there and it’s also a place that calls me back.

I am yet to visit a place that evoked so much good positive feelings within me. I guess that means I need to keep travelling to find it! Or just visit Bali as much as I possibly can! 😉

I’d love to know from you, what’s the best holiday you had? What made it the best one out of all the others? Leave your comments below.

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Until next time, be well!


Thanks to Holiday Gems for collaborating on this post.


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