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place worth visiting, bali

Hello my fellow travel giraffes, how are you? Have you ever seen a particular place pop up on social media that makes you want to pack your bags and go? Yup! We’ve all seen them on Instagram. Sometimes you even pack your bags and go, only to realise that they weren’t as nice as portrayed. The guys at Handluggage Only did a list of places that are overrated in Europe and I thought I’d share my list of 5 places worth visiting.

5 Places Worth Visiting

La Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

I visited this place in March for my birthday and was completely blown away. It is a mind blowing to me to see a building that has been under construction for over 130 years.

places worth visiting, La Sagrada Familia Barcelona

You can see where the old meets the new on the outside and the inside. Currently, there are 2 towers that you can go up depending on the weather that day.

places worth visiting, ceiling of La Sagrada familia

This has made my list of places worth visiting.

Burano, Venice

Ever since I found out about Burano, I wanted to visit to see the brightly coloured houses and was able to tick it off my wanderlust list.

places worth visiting, Burano fishing village

The story goes that returning fishermen couldn’t see their houses because of the weather, so it was decided that each house would have a specific colour to identify which house belonged to them.

places worth visiting, Burano

Isn’t that such a sweet story and a beautiful vision? This fishing village is really simple yet, charming and that is the beauty of visiting this place.

The Vatican, Rome

One can’t make a list of places worth visiting and not include The Vatican.

places worth visiting- St Peter's square

I mean, it is simply one of those pieces of architecture that will probably take you weeks to really get. However, in my short time in Rome, what I did get about this place is that it took an incredible amount of imagination, skill, and talent to conceive.

places worth visting, The Vatican

The Sistine Chapel and basically every painting and artwork are amazing! Go visit!

The Monkey Forest, Bali

To me the idea of walking through a forest filled with monkeys is amazing!

places worth visiting- Monkey Forest

To be able to see these animals in their own habitat, just doing what monkeys do without a care in the world continues to fuel my love for animals.

Turtle Beach, Bali

I know another place with wildlife but, this is something a little different.

places worth visiting - turtles

For one, it is all about conservation as Bali seems to be very big on preserving wildlife. Secondly, you need to take a boat to get there and that’s always a good thing! Plus, it’s not only turtles that get looking after but other animals too!

places worth visiting, turtle beach bali

That’s my list of 5 places worth visiting. I’m sure as I get the opportunity to travel more (i.e. save to travel more) this list will continue to grow. Now, what are your places worth visiting? Let me know in the comments below!

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