Visiting Salerno Cathedral

salerno cathedral crypt

For the May Day bank holiday, I took off for a few days to Salerno, Italy. My lovely friends were flying over from Sri Lanka and I thought, hey why not! As I was on my own for a few days, I had time on my hands so a stroll around San Francesco was in order. This is where I stumbled across Salerno Cathedral.

Salerno Cathedral

San Francesco

Now I love Italy, which you would realise if you’ve been following me for some time. I visit a different part each year, sometimes twice (here and here) and it’s not just for the food!

Visiting Salerno were not on the cards as of March this year, but when the opportunity arises you just need to leap. So I booked my tickets, using some air miles and a small but lovely little hotel, with a view of a medieval aqua duct.

aqua duct in salerno

Cool right!

This town gave me feelings of peaceful seaside and city vibes. There were stores that we get in the UK like Mango and Bershka, mixed in with family-run boutiques and restaurants. All leading to a boardwalk with a beautiful sea view.

The Cathedral

One day I was doing my usual stroll through the streets, window shopping and found myself at the Salerno Cathedral.

It was so peaceful and had a different energy to the Vatican or La Sagrada Familia. There were many carvings in stone in the courtyard that made me think about how long it must have taken them to do this. Stepping inside, I didn’t get that ‘wow’ factor, which usually comes with visiting these types of buildings. No, that came later when I when down some stairs.

salerno cathedral crypt

salerno cathedral crypt, stairs

I posted a picture on my Instagram, that I sometimes get disappointed with my photography skills because I am unable to truly capture the beauty I see in front of and behind my lens.

Although the photos aren’t what I hoped they would be, my hope is that you get a sense of the beauty and wonder I experienced.

Now I’d love to know which country would you visit time and time again? As always, thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe. It’s free and I send you an update each time a post goes out.

Until next time, be well!



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