Creating A Wall Gallery

creating a wall gallery

Oh hello there! Remember me? Sorry! I have been a little bit quiet in the blogosphere but, I had a little break and it was my birthday! If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I finally got to cross one of the cities off my bucket list! More on that trip in a later post. Today’s post, however, is about sprucing up your place by creating a wall gallery.

Creating A Wall Gallery

Wall galleries have been around for quite some time and if you check out Pinterest, you will find a variety of ideas on how to create one. I got the idea to have a wall gallery because all my walls are white and I love colour. I don’t necessarily want to paint the walls a vibrant colour but, it would be nice to have something pretty to look at!

What Do You Want

First off you need think about what you want on your walls and what theme are you going for? Do you want pictures of your family? Or perhaps some 3D art that you can actually put on your wall. Or another idea would be to have different prints or photos all in black and white, with white frames. You get to decide what you want. I kept it simple with prints and postcards. I seem to have started collecting pretty postcards and prints whilst on my travels.

creating a wall gallery

creating a wall gallery postcards and prints

I wanted the cards and prints to have a matt finish, which meant a lot of them were drawings or sketches. One of my latest acquisitions came from the John Dyer Gallery, who kindly *gifted me with a beautiful, colourful print. I really like this print because it’s a part of the UK which has been lacking from what I had purchased so far. They have other amazing pieces; including paintings and ceramics. All of which are great quality with fast delivery!


After you’ve decided what you want on your walls, you need to work out the positioning of your art.

creating a wall gallery, prints in frame

I put the frames on the floor and moved them around until I was happy with the flow of things. You will also notice that I used different types of frames, which added a bit of texture to the gallery. You can do the same as me or, have all your frames look identical. Again this is your space and you get to choose what goes.

creating a wall gallery on

Now, this isn’t the final look because I’d like to add a few more prints and get more of those 3M hooks that don’t damage your walls. I just wanted to give you an inexpensive way to decorate your space, by creating a wall gallery.

If you do decide to create one, please tag me on Instagram because I’d love to see how you create a wall gallery.

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*A3 poster print gifted by John Dyer Gallery however, all thoughts are my own


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