21st Century Female

21st century woman

Over the weekend there were women marching all around the world, to support our American sisters in their stand against inequality. They’re pretty unhappy with the state of affairs happening in their country and really, who can blame them? This post isn’t about politics but rather a humanitarian perspective, on what it means to be a 21st century female.

21st Century Female

When you read history books, you find that women have had to fight really hard for their voices to be heard. And we’re still fighting. We’ve been called the ‘weaker’ sex, sluts, bitches, hoes and the list goes on and on. I mean really you’d think that after all this time, the world would wake up and realise that women are equal but different.

Our physiology is different to men and with good reason! We have been given the ability to create and carry life within our bodies. How awesome is that! However, because we have been given this blessing it seems as though this is also seen as a weakness. It somehow devalues our ability to run corporations or find cures for diseases. Or, run for office. Put a man on the moon, or even start and successfully run businesses, whilst having a family. It really doesn’t.

21st century woman quote by Kerry Washington

We Get To Choose

As a 21st century woman, I can run a business whilst having a family if I choose to. Be a stay at home mother, because again I choose to. I can also choose not to have a family, because I can and that does not make me less of a woman. I can be a scientist, chemist, engineer, DJ or fashion designer.

You see girls, ladies, divas, women, females, whatever you decide to call us, aren’t a threat to men. We actually want to get into the pit of life alongside men and do our part. We want to have a say. We’re not here to just be decorations because, we are a part of society and what happens in the world affects us. We matter. Our feelings matter. Our thoughts matter.

Just for the record a true feminist does not believe she’s better than a man, which makes me wonder if some men feel we are? Hmm…

These are just some of my thoughts of being a 21st century female. I’d love to know yours, comment below.

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