Things Learnt from Women in Business

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Why hello there beautiful! Today I’m sharing with you 7 things learnt from women in business interviewees. I first came up with this series when I started meeting all these inspirational women at various events. As the year is quickly coming to an end, I thought I would do a round up of what I’ve learnt from these beauties.

Things Learnt from Women in Business

Opportunities can come out of nowhere. Like Julia Burdet who was writing guidebooks in Italy and was asked to launch a magazine in London.

Creativity is not only for those who can draw, sculpt, paint etc. Anyone who has a knack for seeing things in a different way. Meera Santoro, is an Art Director who can’t draw but can bring to life what she wants through others.

Networking isn’t as scary as it appears to be or as Caroline McQueen suggests, ‘socialising intelligently’.

Building wealth is beneficial for all because as Canna Campbell from Sugar mamma says ‘when we live from an abundant place we have more time, money and resources to give to others’.

In terms of makeup, there is a red lipstick for every skin tone, just ask Makeup Artist, Joyce Connor!

To keep motivated about what you’re doing, you need to be passionate about it. Harkirat of MotivatePT believes this wholeheartedly.

Finally, I’ve learnt that confidence is both externally and internally related. For instance knowing what colours suit your skin tone can improve your confidence. This is something that Ali Westmoreland helps people with.

It has been a pleasure to meet and interview these women who are movers and shakers in their own right. I have truly enjoyed putting together this series and I hope to continue in 2017!

Now I’d love to know what have you learnt from the women in business series? Let me know in the comments below.

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