Day 5: Heartbreak During the Holidays

Heartbreak durin the holidays

Happy Friyay and welcome to day 5 of my 12 days of Christmas series! I’m really getting into this series and hopefully you are getting value from them. Let me know in the comments below. Today’s post are for those who are dealing with heartbreak during the holidays. Not a nice topic but neither is heartbreak which is especially worse throughout the festive season.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us have had our hearts broken at least once and it was nothing like the movies. For starters it was real, happening to you and mostly it hurt. So whilst I can’t take away your pain (although I wish I could) I would love to share how I dealt with my own heartbreak during the holidays and maybe help someone.

Dealing with Heartbreak During the Holidays

dealing with heartbreak during the holidays

Rollercoaster of Feelings

First off you will cry, be sad and angry. Sometimes individually and sometimes all at once which makes you feel like you’re legitamitely going insane. This is natural and pretty normal so you trying to contain all your emotions all the time does you no good.


One of the things I did was selectively socialise. By that I didn’t go to Christmas every event, party or accepted every invite which can be tricky for the holidays but, drinking yourself to a stupor and avoiding your feelings (see point a) does not serve you at all. So go see the friends or family who make you feel good about yourself. They won’t ridicule, put pressure or bat an eyelid if your face suddenly sprang a leak.

Helping Others

Do something for someone else. We can become so focused on what’s happening in our little bubble of sadness and pain that we can forget other people. Nothing wrong with having a bubble but recognising pain in others can help you heal and feel good too! It could be volunteering at a shelter or helping your friend who just had a baby and needs 5 minutes to have a shower. This however does not mean you forget about your needs, which is my next tip.


Pamper yourself in whatever way you see fit. Take the time to figure out what you need in the moment. Ask yourself 2 questions: how do I feel right now? and what do I need in this moment? If it’s to switch your phone off and create a cosy space for yourself, then go do that. Or, you may feel the need to put up decorations so do that! Give yourself the space to hear and feel what you need in that moment.


My final tip is not to avoid Christmas if you love it. This can be tricky if you’ve been with a person for a number of years and your traditions are wrapped up with them. What you can do is to think about what the holidays truly mean to you and for you. Once you’ve established that then take the necessary actions to achieve that.

We live in such a fast paced world that we are constantly being pushed and pulled to ‘move on’ or ‘get over it’ when dealing with heartbreak. In my experience that’s a recipe for disaster and even more heart break, so please take the space and time needed to be kind to yourself.

Have you ever dealt with heartbreak during Christmas? What helped you through it? Let me know in the comments below and maybe you could help someone else!

Join me for day 6 tomorrow which is all about fashion and the season 😉

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