A Coruña Spain

Sea view A Coruna Spain

A Happy Thursday lovelies! If you read my last post you’d know today is all about travel! I had one of those spontaneous moments, where a friend suggested something and before I knew it, I had booked flights to A Coruña Spain. I realise how fortunate I am for these opportunities to come my way and I’m incredibly grateful. Not everyone is able to do these things, although I wish it was not the case.

A Coruña Spain

Found in the North of Spain, A Coruña is a municipality of Galicia which is steeped full of history and it has the oldest functioning light house (so told by the locals). For you history buffs, this is resting place of Sir John Moore who basically wanted to be buried wherever he fell in battle. They kindly respected his wishes and you can find his tomb in San Carlos gardens.

Apart from the multitude of pretty gardens dotted around the city, there’s also the beach and harbour. As you can see, the views were simply breathtaking!


Staying with my friend in a small town called Ares, I got to experience the ‘real’ side of A Coruña and thoroughly enjoyed it! One of their specialities is pulpo, which is spanish for octopus (I won’t scare you with the photos) and these amazing peppers. The peppers are picked and roasted with a bit of salt sprinkled it has a bittery savoury flavour.

Peppers A Coruna Spain

There’s a very laid back pace in Ares as nobody is in a rush. A number of families can be seen at the local bars chilling until 1am whilst their children happily play. The atmosphere is very conducive to coming off the grind and really relaxing. Whilst I was there there was a market and vendors were selling teas of every description, spices, sweets and clothing.

I had a wonderful time and hope to visit other parts of Spain. The entire country is full of history, great food and drink, with each area having their own traditions. Who knows I may just have to spontaneously buy flights to Spain, especially if they’re on sale. Watch this space! 😉

Have you been to A Coruña Spain before? What did you enjoy most? Let me know in the comments below.

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