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Hello lovelies! I wrote about on this topic many moons ago and thought I would share with you all. Hope it resonates within you.


It takes courage to rise up and say enough is enough.Whilst you hold back the tears that are threatening to roll down your cheeks.

It takes courage to stay when all you want to do is go. Because you know deep down inside that staying is right for you. Equally it takes courage to run spread your wings and fly. Fly out into the world and show your ‘realness’ and authenticity because it is the best choice for you.


It takes courage to be silent when all you want to do is scream all the obscenities to the world. Or look your oppressor in the eye and speak your truth knowing that you might not see change immediately.

It takes courage to admit you’re jealous, unhappy or wrong because admitting that means you’re vulnerable, have desires or may want to change.

It takes courage to live your life to the fullest because doing so means you will encounter those who aren’t living their lives to the fullest and want to pull you down to their level.

It takes courage to love and to be free. Loving opens you open to all human experiences; the joy and the pain. Freedom means you have to be responsible for your own choices and not play the blame game.

It takes courage to be human.

Now I would love for you to share in the comments below, your thoughts on courage.

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