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One of the things I enjoy about the blogging community is the opportunity to meet and interact with a variety of people. This is something that the Blogger Hangout provides for us, even if you’re a small blogger (like me!). One such opportunity was their Bloggers Summer Hangout 3-day event in celebration of their third birthday. Happy Birthday!! The event took place in London at the Strand Gallery from Thursday to Saturday.

The gallery although small was teeming with a variety of brands, some I knew and some I didn’t. When I arrived the first brand I connected with was The Primal Pantry. For all those of you who are looking for healthy yet tasty snacks, then you should give these guys a try!

The primal pantry paleo bars

First off, they use very few ingredients in their bars and secondly, they’re yummy! I had a sample of the hazelnut and cocoa and let me tell you it was delicious! You can pick up a bar in Waitrose or Amazon.

the primal pantry paleo bar flavours

After nibbling on the samples, I went to say hello to the lovely ladies from Sass and Belle. I’d heard of them before because they produce such cute and quirky stuff for your home. Their stand was so adorable and you would have seen a photo of it on my Instagram.

Sass and Belle gifting box

Look how adorable the stuff is! I can’t wait to use the pineapple glass because it’s so retro and who doesn’t love pineapples?

Sass and Belle

Shifting to health, two brands stood out and they were T-tox and Beefit. T-tox is a company that makes different matcha teas depending on your needs. Matcha tea has become really popular of late beause it gives you all the benefits of coffee without the slump and helps boost your immune system.

T-tox match tea recovery and energise

I’m not a green tea drinker but I did enjoy coconut water mixed in with their recovery matcha tea because of the subtle flavour. You could also add it to your smoothies for an added boost.

Beefit beef snack and T-tox match tea

The Beefit boys are into fitness and cows! Weird combination but it actually works because they make their own biltong which is low in sugar, high in protein and use 100% british grass fed beef. So if you’re into meat and working out then this maybe something for you.

Beefit and T-tox match tea

After checking them out, I found Zen who was running a jewellery making workshop and she showed me how to make my initial in wire. She’s also a blogger and the owner of Makers & Friends, where independent artisans can sell their bespoke wares.

Also, at the Blogger Summer Hangout was Pink Parcel a monthly subscription service to support the ladies during that time of the month.

Contents of Pink Parcel monthly subscription

Each month you get a parcel filled with goodies to support you through the cramps and sometimes icky days. Some months you will love what you get and some you won’t, but rest assured there’ll always be chocolate 😉

Items from Pink Park subscription box

Oh and whilst there I had my lips done. If you’re reading this mom, don’t worry it’s not what you think (hopefully!). Perk is a quick exfoliating, plumping and lip hydration boosting treatment.

Perk lip treatment

They use a serum which has peppermint oil to get rid of all the dead skin to reveal a newer and hydrated layer. It won’t give you Kylie Jenner lips but you do see the plumping effects and you get to take home the serum which lasts for 30 days.

Last but not least is the luxury dental brand Regenerate. To me healthy teeth and gums are important because it your teeth are messed up then that can cause all sorts of health issues as well as, physical issues. Their product is about using science to rebuild enamel and strengthen your teeth.

Regenerate enamel science toothpaste and serum

The serum boosts the effects of the daily toothpaste and only needs to be used 3 times a month. I will let you know if I notice a difference, so keep your eyes peeled.

I really enjoyed my time at the bloggers summer hangout and would like to thank the peeps at Bloggers Hangout.

Have you heard of any of these brands? Or tried any of these products? What did you think?

As always thank you for reading and please follow to keep up to date.

Until next time be well



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