How I’m getting body confident

Body confident

Hello! Hello! How have you beautiful people been? What has been going on since we last spoke? I’ve actually taken a step back from the 9 to 5 grind to pursue some goals of mine which is scarily exciting, but that’ll be in another post. Today’s post is about how I’m getting body confident.

Earlier this year I set myself some goals to get my body in shape so I can feel better. I was going for the feel good, look good vibe, but didn’t get anywhere fast which made me feel less than body confident. Does this sound familiar? What I have realised is that I put a lot of pressure on myself to achieve a certain task, within a certain time frame and that made me do nothing instead. The reality is, that life happens and causes set backs.

For me, body confidence isn’t always about how good your butt looks in a dress….it helps but it’s not all that matters. What does matter is how you feel on the inside because that reflects on your outside no matter what size or shape you are. So here’s what I have started doing, now I will just interject here and say I’m not an expert, this is what I’m doing for me and my body.

Eating more fruit and veg

When it’s cold all you want is comfort food or really fattening drinks and the good ole fruit and veg gets forgotten. They provide us with most of our essential vitamins and minerals. Although, I am the original hot chocolate fiend and not ashamed of it, I know it’s not going to give my body what it needs to thrive at it’s optimum level. For most meals I include a healthy serving of either fruit or vegetables. When I can afford it, which is usually once a month, I get a fruit and veg box delivered from Abel and Cole. The produce are locally sourced, where possible, organic and a great way to try new things!


Water, water, water

Oh my goodnes, if I got £1 for everytime I have been told this I could retire to the French Riveria on a yacht! I will be the first to admit that I’m not a big fan of drinking water but, I know how important it is. Our body is made up of more than 50% of water and we need it to survive, more than we need those yummy sweet potato fries.

So I challenged myself to drink at least a litre a day and work my way up to 2 litres. I have to say it hasn’t been easy but I have noticed that my skin is clearer and I’m less bloated. To combat the boredom of drinking plain water, I drink from a pretty water bottle and to mix it up I have been trying Just Bee* drinks which is spring water, a touch of honey and fruit. These yummy drinks are full of antioxidants, yummy tasting and a healthier alternative to my regular juice in a carton.

Probiotics and prebiotics

There has been a lot of research lately about your gut being a second brain and contains millions of brain cells. That got me thinking that I needed to take better care of my gut. There are millions of good bacteria swimming around in your tummy. If you aren’t consuming proper nutrition, this can affect the good bacteria. Ultimately it affects your overall performance and how body confident you feel. You can get probiotics from fermented food like yoghurt, butter milk and so on. I love a good greek yoghurt with honey but it doesn’t give you the prebiotics, so I found a solution in the form of a powder.

Strolling through Selfridges, I stumbled across The Glow which is by the Australian company The Beauty Chef. Their philosophy is about ‘beauty in the belly’. I take 1 teaspoon a day mixed in water or a Just Bee drink and that’s it. It’s been less than a week but I have to say that my energy levels are through the roof and I can’t wait to see the results. So watch this space 🙂


Alright my beauties, I would love to know how you get body confident.

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Until next time, be well


*Just Bee Drinks provided by the company. All views are my own



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