Trend Wishlist with Farfetch

I have teamed up with Farfetch to bring you my trend wish list and because I love to travel, I thought why not combine the two. Beautiful clothing to wear in beautiful surroundings sounds like a match made in heaven.

The question is, if money was no object and you could travel anywhere in the world and wear whatever you fancied, what would that wish list look like?

Let me share mine and hopefully it would be of some inspiration to you

First stop would be Spain! Can you believe that I’ve never been there as yet…me either! I’ve always dreamt of going there because coming from Trinidad and Tobago, a stone’s throw away from Venezuela and having Spanish influence, from back in the day, Spain calls to me. Feasting on tapas, drinking sangria in the sunshine, dressed in an off the shoulder dress with fabric that moves gracefully whilst I dance salsa…if only I could dance salsa! Needless to say when I saw this little number it fit in perfectly with my fantasy…

Next stop would be Tokyo, Japan. This is a place that has always been intriguing and mysterious to me. Could be the technology, the culture, the food (I love sushi) or simply because I watched too many karate aka ‘kick up’ movies growing up. Trust me it was a staple to watch a good action movie with subtitles. Anyways in terms of fashion, I always think of the geisha girls wearing silks and of course the fighters wear kimonos (duh!). So this pyjama co-ord fits in nicely with my little fantasy 🙂

Another piece for Tokyo would be something bright and colourful. I think of technology, graphics, manga and computer games (two different genres and please don’t mix the two up! I once got told off!). They don’t shy away from vibrant colours and patterns, happily mixing and matching.

My final stop on this fantasy trip would be Bali. I think about beaches, blue skies, greenery everywhere and just lush nature. Rainy days quickly chased away by the sun which makes the rain drops disappear quickly as it arrived. This destination deserves a dress that moves and rustles in the wind, something you can watch the sun go down in whilst enjoying a fabulous dinner of freshly prepared food and fruit that tastes of the sun.

I’ve shared my fantasy wish list, what’s yours?

As always thank you for reading and commenting.

Until next time, be well




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