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Happy Thursday beauties! Hope you’ve been able to grab hold of one or two of the possibilities that have come your way this week? If not, there’s still time 🙂

Anyway, today’s post is another interview and it’s with a blogger. I always enjoy interviews because people have different experiences and you can learn a few things about yourself through them. Apart from that, I thought interviewing a fellow blogger would give you some insight into the blogging world, whether it’s here in good ole England or across the way in Australia. So without further rambling, enjoy 🙂

Tell me a bit yourself
Well, I attended North Sydney Girls High School which was an amazing experience. I’ve met plenty of friends there who I am still in touch with. I think it was about that time that I got interested in things that had to do with fashion and beauty. There was a group of us girls there with similar interests and we would gather every Wednesday after school and talk new beauty products and come up with ways to make them work with the currently trending outfits. It wasn’t long before we became a total hit – girls from our class would come to us and ask for fashion advice. We even styled some of them for prom. So fun!

What motivated you to start blogging?
In all honesty, I never thought I could pull it off at first. It looked like something those other girls do, not me. I was there for live fashion advice, no blog stuff. But since I had so many ideas, it was hard to channel them all in everyday life so I decided it’s best I record them all on my blog and hope someone will find them useful. And apparently – they did! Every blog is a new challenge and a way to prove myself I can do it.

What do you enjoy about blogging?
It must be the reciprocity of it. Let me explain – when I post something and get comments or girls asking for advice, I get so happy, like beyond words! And the fact I can help someone feel good about what they are wearing or the type of beauty products they’d use is absolutely amazing to me. Then, these girls send me photos of their outfits and I always get all mushy. It’s a great feeling, really.

You’re the Editor of , how did you get started?
It was Peter’s fault! I’ve known him for a while and we’d often chat and share ideas, discuss projects we were working on at that point in time. Then, one day, he comes up to me and goes “Why wouldn’t you join the ride, full time?” I thought about it and realized it’s an awesome idea. I mean, what was the worst that could happen? I could fail and that would be that. But I didn’t, and it all worked out for the best.

Describe a typical day – if you have one!
For anyone and everyone who is involved in any sort of business that requires commitment, scheduling and continuity, they know that “a typical day” is an understatement. While blogging (and everything artsy) is really exciting, we all need to have a day structure – otherwise we’d be all missing deadlines and look unprofessional.
My days are pretty much the same (Gosh, I am only now realizing how pathetic this might sound to someone who doesn’t know me, haha!); I am I firm believer in a quality morning routine which is why I wake up around 7AM, and have my morning smoothie and coffee. Then, I go through my planner to check what’s planned for the day and mentally make a schedule of what I’ll do first. If there’s time, I go for a jog in the block – it helps me clear my head and often stirs me towards new ideas.
When I come back home, I have a long shower using my favorite organic beauty products (yes, I am totally obsessed with everything organic, from organic skin care to organic food and treats) and then I work. By 11 AM I am already at my desk, blogging the day away. After 5 AM I close the computer and go out with friends or just chill, depending on what’s planned for the day. My job is pretty organized and I am very serious about it, so I try to keep other segments of my life as light as possible. Whenever I can, I go to yoga classes or meditate at home – this helps me nurture the balance within and stay sane (haha). I love it!

Where do you draw inspiration from for content?
In my mind, in shapes and colors I see in the streets, in magazines I read and, above all, in talking to my niece about my posts. She is now four years old, and she is so smart! I’d do something and come to her and ask her “what do you think about this design”… she’ll go “I like it” or “It’s too dark”, or any other comment. Kids are the most honest people in the world, they’ll say what things really look like. So I take her comments into consideration and work on the designs. In the end – I find the right solution for what I wanted to post.
Once, I was getting ready to go out and she came up to me, saying “Nika you look so cute now, put it in your blog” – I laughed so hard! And guess what? I did put it in my blog!

What’s the one thing you have accomplished since you started in this field?
I’ve managed to cultivate relationships I never thought were possible to cultivate. Met so many wonderful people and I am so grateful for it.

What makes your heart sing?
Risking to sound like a total cliché but I’d have to say my boyfriend, my work and yoga. I am one of those people who had the luck to become successful in the one thing they’ve always wanted to do, that doesn’t happen often to people. I am grateful beyond words and I hope life will keep being good to me.

Thanks to the lovely Cristina for giving us a peek into her life as a blogger and you can check her out on

As always thank you for reading, commenting and following. What I’d like to know is if you could interview anybody in the world, who would it be and what would you ask them?

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