Interview: Arzu Kara

Happy Easter Monday lovelies! Hope you’ve been making the most of the long weekend. I did as today’s my birthday! 🙂

This post is my last interview for March. I’m sure you would have noticed I’ve been publishing a lot of interviews recently with some amazing peeps (here, here and here). Today’s interview is with fashion designer Arzu Kara. If you don’t know who she is, don’t worry you soon will 😉

I stumbled across Arzu when I received notification about the Pure London exhibition. It’s this twice a year fashion event, similar to LFW but more about showcasing designers and their designs to potential buyers. What I appreciated about Arzu’s designs were the clean lines, feminine shapes and quality fabrics. Now on with the interview

Have you always wanted to be a fashion designer?
Yes, since I was 7 years old. I used to draw dresses whenever I can as I couldn’t sew when I was that young. So I have gained a BA Hons degree in Fashion and design but, I have also done countless work placements here in London and in Istanbul, which is where one learns the real thing!

What has been your favourite line to create so far?
May latest A/W collection, especially the Grace and the Blake dress. I have worked on the mannequin where I just had my favourite fabrics and draped until it was the shape I wanted. There is something so exciting and raw about not knowing the end design before you start.

People have favourite brands that they’re loyal to for various reasons, what keeps your clients coming back?
I think my silhouettes are timeless alongside the longevity and the quality. So every time you put on an Arzu Kara dress you’ll feel like you have made it your own, it’s become you!

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Just anything and everything. But I fall in love with the fabric, texture, fibre and colour first. The shapes and layers come later.

I love that you have a mixture of solids and prints in your collection (I’m a fan of mixing things up). Was that on purpose or a more organic process?
Both, as like all women sometimes I am in the mood for print and sometimes I just wear print.

How was your experience at the Pure London exhibition?
Very positive as we wanted to reach the international market and Pure is a great platform to expose a brand where buyers already come to stay in the loop.

During fashion month who have you seen that made your heart beat faster? Or who are you looking forward to seeing?
I loved Bora Aksu’s show as it was mesmerising and I can’t wait for the Lanvin to reveal their new collection. I loved Alber Albaz and I am so curious to see if Bouchra Jarrar can fill up his shoes.

What are 5 items every woman should have in her closet?
LBD, well cut tailored jacket, jeans that flatter, comfortable but high courts and a bag that is made of good material and would finish your outfit off.

If we were to peek in your closet what would stand out? The most worn?
Apart from my own dresses of course, I have a black asymmetric Chloe dress, beaded leather and jacquard Mathew Williamson dress, my Miu Miu bag and a cowl neck metal worked top from Helmut Lang but what I wear most is jeans with light jumpers and anything from Maje and Sandro.

What makes your heart sing?
Sunday’s with my fiancé and my nephew Emir.

Thank you Arzu for allowing me and the readers to get to know you a bit better. To see more of her designs check out her website for more details.

As always thank you for reading. Who would you love to interview if you had the chance to?

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*all images provided courtesy of Arzu Kara

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