Bloggers Hangout Fashion Week Event

Designs by Xsazia

Hello again beauties! How’s your week been so far? Who’s happy to have two short work weeks? I know I certainly am, especially as it’s my birthday on Easter Monday 🙂

Anyways, I thought I would take advantage of the extra time off and tell you about the Bloggers Hangout Fashion week. I know some of you might be sick of hearing about fashion week, but this is a bit different. For starters, there’s no front row shenanigans nor is there a fee and because of it’s intimate nature, you actually do get to speak to a lot of the brands that were there showcasing their products.

Companies ranged from jewellery designers, to skin care brand Jurlique (who kindly gifted me their rose water, which I will review for you), to Weleda to Kenneth Turner if you’re a candle junkie like me you will love their range, my favourite is Spirit!

Held in an East London studio, it felt rustic and authentic. Therefore I was more focused on connecting with people, which for a non-networking person like myself, made it really easy. I enjoyed listening to the creator of Pure Potions, as she started off in her kitchen looking for a solution for her daughter’s skin problem. Fast forward some years later and voila! You have this natural range which is great for those who are moving away from chemicals and looking to nature for a solution.

I got to talking so much that I only managed to catch the last show. Another thing was there were more catwalk shows than the regular fashion weeks. Not a dig just an observation ;). Anyways, the last catwalk showcased designs by Xsazia and I can only describe them as fairy tale, bridal-esq.

All hand beaded, these gowns channel your inner Disney princess. I know it certainly did for me! Which one do you like?

I had such a great time and thank you to the Bloggers Hangout crew for such a great job at putting this together. You guys rock! Not bad for a Monday evening!

Let me know if you try any of the products I mention or have tried them before.

Until next time be well



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