My 2022 Travel Favourites

Hello my fellow travel fiends! Welcome to my first travel related post for 2023 which is my 2022 travel favourites. I would also to know where you’ve been for 2022 and what was your favourite place. Share in the comments below. Here’s mine.

My 2022 Travel Favourites


I cannot speak enough about this place. It was my second to last city that I visited for 2022 and was absolutely amazing! From the food, ease of navigating the city, weather and things to do. One of the highlights was going to see a live flamenco show. The dancing, music and passion of the dancers was so infectious and I left there on a high! Highly recommend Seville especially during autumn.

Sri Lanka

This is my second time visiting Sri Lanka and I had the opportunity to visit a safari. Going on safari was the start of my 2022 and it was absolutely beautiful. Seeing animals in their habitat living their life was such a gift. I had many highlights but the one that has really stuck with me is seeing an elephant strolling along the road when leaving the hotel. Being that close to such a majestic animal was a beautiful experience.

Cape Verde

This had been on my wanderlust list for some time and finally I was able to tick it off. I went for my birthday and it exceeded my expectations. There was sand, sea, food, cocktails and glorious weather. I couldn’t ask more from a place to celebrate my birthday. If you do visit, do visit the salt mine and float in the water.


Finally on my 2022 travel favourites list is Sicily. I flew into Catania and spent a few days travelling around by train and bus. I went to Taormina and was left speechless by the views. A boat tour around Ortigia Island on a hot sunny day was exactly what the doctor ordered. I went late June and the weather was scorching already. I haven’t been to Palermo or Syracuse or other parts of Sicily but it’s definitely on the wanderlust list.

I am incredibly grateful for the places I’ve been and of course there are a few more places that I visited last year but these were my 2022 travel favourites list. Don’t forget to let me know yours in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and until next time, be well! x

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