Easy Ways to Care for Your Skin During Christmas

Hello beautiful! Welcome to another Christmas related post. Moving away from gift guides, I thought I would share easy ways to care for your skin during Christmas. Let’s face it, during this season it’s pretty easy to slip with your skincare routine. So I’m here to remind you of the easy things you can do.

Easy Ways to Care for your Skin During Christmas

Remove Makeup Before Bed

We all know this and yet still we all forget to remove the makeup especially after a night out. So here are a few tips to help you remember. Set up the products for your nighttime routine before you go out in the bathroom. As soon as you come home, remove your coat and head straight to the bathroom. Wash your hands thoroughly, (because Rona in these streets!) and then cleanse your skin. Use a cleansing balm or cream, like The Ordinary Squalane Cleanser so that removal is quick and easy. If you’re too tired to do much after the cleanse, a thick night cream and/or oil on slightly damp skin will do until next morning. Sounds like a lot but when you do it, it’s actually pretty quick.

Hydration is Your Friend

It’s winter and we’re in and out of central heating or in it all the time which is a recipe for dry skin. Especially, if we increase alcohol and sugar consumption. So to help with the dry skin, if you aren’t using hyaluronic acid then now would be a good time to introduce this serum. Also, facial mists are a great addition to your routine. Spritz throughout the day regularly to keep skin hydrated and if you read my posts, then you’ll know I’m going to suggest the Dr Jart Cermadin one :). Oh and drink your water please!

Eat Well

What you eat has an impact on your organs and that includes the largest organ of your body. I’m not saying don’t eat the yummy food guilt free. Please enjoy the Lindt mint chocolates, Ferrero Rocher, mince pies and everything else you will enjoy this season. In between, remember to balance it out with fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re going to a Christmas party or dinner have your full of nutritiously dense foods earlier in the day. Or, have green juices, smoothies or oats for breakfast. Your skin will thank you for keeping the nutrients going. Finally, if you take supplements please remember to take them.

These were my easy ways to care for your skin during Christmas. A little bit goes a long way combined with consistency. What is your favourite facial mist? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for reading and until next time, be well!

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