Clothing Items You Don’t Need

clothing items you don't need

Can you believe we’re in June already!? I’m hoping that summer slows down so we can truly enjoy it, especially after the long winter. I seem to be on this decluttering kick (read here and here) and your wardrobe is something that definitely needs to be streamlined. So today’s post is looking at the clothing items you don’t need.

Clothing Items You Don’t Need

Uncomfortable Shoes

I am a self-proclaimed shoe junkie and have realised that there’s nothing worse than pretty shoes that are uncomfortable. You know the ones I’m talking about. They catch your eye in the shoe store or, online and before you know it, you’ve used it once if that much and it’s in the back of the closet collecting dust. Why? Because it pinched your toes; were too high; slipped off the back of your heels; gave you blisters and the list goes on. Please give your feet some TLC and give them to a better home.

clothing items you don't need- Louboutin shoes

Ill-Fitting Clothes

When you look good, you feel good and ill-fitting clothing doesn’t make you look or feel good. If your body shape does not suit boxy shapes, don’t buy them to fit in with a trend. I’m all for people wearing whatever they want but, your friends need to tell you if something looks good or not.

High Maintenance

Another section of clothing items you don’t need in your life are, clothing made from high maintenance fabrics that you can’t maintain. Have you ever seen a piece of clothing that just made you swoon? You even started to mentally plan what it can go with your wardrobe. The caveat, you need to dry clean it every single time. Not the ones that you can get away with on a gentle cycle or even handwash. Nope, it’s got to be dry clean.

Stand Alone Pieces

When I say stand-alone pieces I mean, the pieces in your wardrobe that does not go with anything else. You have to buy something else to go with it whether its shoes, accessories and/or another fashion piece. Let’s say, for example, you have seen a beautiful blue velvet trousers that you absolutely must have. But, you don’t have anything to go with it so you then need to purchase a top or 2 and shoes to pair with it. My rule for shopping is this, if I’m purchasing a top or bottom piece, it needs to pair with at least 3 other items that already exist in my wardrobe.

I hope these suggestions help you declutter your wardrobe and if you have any suggestions on how to get rid of clothing items you don’t need, leave a comment.

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