Things You Don’t Need Whilst Travelling

Hello, travel giraffes. Continuing on from last week’s post on with the decluttering, we’re going to look at travel and what we can get rid of.

When I first started to travel, I used to take so much unnecessary stuff with me. It got to the point where if I wanted to go away as often I’d like to, I’d need to be smart. There are loads of things you don’t need whilst travelling and here are a few.

Things you don’t need whilst travelling

Too Many Shoes

Lord knows I love a good pair of shoes. However, that doesn’t mean that I need 4 pairs of shoes for a weekend break! Nor do you! Travel in the heaviest pair of shoes and hopefully, these would be the ones you’ll do most of your walking in. If you like to dress up for dinner, then a nice pair that’s weather appropriate and maybe a pair of house slippers.

things you don't need whilst travelling- shoes

Too Many Clothing

Like shoes, we pack way too much clothing that we end up not using and becomes one of those things you don’t need whilst travelling. I know for women, we sometimes like to have a ‘just in case’ outfit. There’s nothing wrong with it but we just need to be smart about it. You need to think about what you’d like to actually be doing. Mix and match outfits, i.e. 1 item has many looks. If you’d like me to do a blog post on this leave a comment below.

Heavy Luggage

We all like a good bargain, however, if it’s going to cost you in some way or the other then it’s a false economy. Case in point, purchasing a cheap bag that has a bit of weight to it empty, es no bueno. This is particularly unhelpful if you’re going hand luggage only and they weigh your bags. I’m looking at you, Thomas Cook :). Plus no one likes to pull heavy luggage behind them especially on cobbled stoned roads. If you’re interested, I use the Aerolite Cabin bag on 2 wheels.

Unnecessary Electronics

You pack the IPad, the iPod, the laptop, the Kindle, the DSLR and 3 lenses and your phone. It’s a lot especially if you’re going for less than 7 days. So think about what you actually will be doing and what you will need. Ask yourself if 1 item can do double or even triple duty. If you can afford it then maybe a lighter camera or lighter laptop might work in your favour. Also, no need to put yourself at risk for theft whilst you’re away.

things you don't need whilst travelling- cameras


Passport Holders

I know they’re cute and pretty but it’s part of the things you don’t need whilst travelling. First of all, you have to take your passport out of it’s case when going through immigration. Secondly, you run the risk of damaging the passport when you have to keep pulling it in and out. The whole airport experience can sometimes be traumatic, so save yourself the hassle.

That’s all from me on travel this week but please share any of your things you don’t need whilst travelling tips. I’m always willing to learn something new and so are others.

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