Fashion Shopping Hacks

fashion shopping hacks

Hello my fashion giraffes how are you all doing? This is my first fashion post of the year and it’s all about fashion shopping hacks. These are hacks that I have used time and time again and saved money.

Fashion Shopping Hacks

Sign Up for Newsletters

Most online stores offer between 10% to 15% off items when you sign up for their newsletter. Make use of that discount to shop for your coveted items. I even got a friend to sign up and order on my behalf 🙂

The Men’s Section

After watching KarenBritChick on YouTube I have been more open to shopping in the men’s section. Here’s how it saves you money. If you’re looking for a thick scarf to see you through many winters, buy a man’s scarf. The quality is better and can be a bit cheaper too. Either way, cost per wear is in your favour.

Second-Hand Shops/eBay

Going to second-hand shops, charity shops/stalls or if you prefer the comfort of your own home, eBay! This is another great fashion shopping hack, especially for classic high-end items.

I always wanted a Burberry trench coat but couldn’t afford the hefty price tag so, I checked market stalls, vintage shops and eBay. Eventually, I found the perfect on online for a fraction of the cost.


I love this hack because it gives me the opportunity to be creative. Essentially, it’s going into your own wardrobe, or going into a charity shop and looking at what you can upcycle. For instance, this embellished DIY denim jacket is a perfect example.

fashion shopping hacks

I had a lot of fun with it and it didn’t cost me that much!

Those are all the fashion shopping hacks I have for you today. What are yours? Share in the comments below because a girl likes to look cute as well as, get a bargain!

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Until next time, be well!



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