7 Places I Plan to Visit Before I Die

7 places I plan to visit before I die

Hello my travel giraffes how are we on this Thursday? It’s the last day in November, are you ready for December madness? I know I could do with a little bit of breathing space before it descends so, I am going share the 7 places I plan to visit before I die. To me, it isn’t morbid to think about your death if, it spurs you on to do the things you really want to do.

7 Places I Plan to Visit Before I Die

Hot Air Balloon

I could do a hot air balloon ride anywhere in the world but, I want to do it in Cappadocia. This UNESCO Heritage site is in Central Anatolia, Turkey. I have seen so many pictures of hot air balloons gliding across the sky at sunrise. I also know that sometimes things can be highly overrated but, it’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Blue Town

The colour blue is one of my favourite colours so naturally, I want to explore Chefchaouen in Morocco. Buildings are blue washed and cobbled streets are filled with leather workshops. To me, this sounds like the perfect place to get lost in a good way.

Blue Lagoon

Sticking with blue, I did say it was one of my favourite colours, a dip in the blue lagoon is next. This place looks amazing! You don’t just get to swim around in the lagoon, you also get to use the sauna and steam room. There’s also a man-made waterfall and silica mud mask you can apply to your face and skin. The best bit is that you can arrange to have a massage in the water! This is the ultimate luxury break for me.

7 places I plan to visit before I die- Grand Canyon

Broadway Play

Bringing it back to the city, I love going to the theatre and one day, I will go see a play on Broadway. New York seems to be the ‘it’ place for a number of bloggers, however, for me it’s all about seeing a play or musical. Perhaps I may even visit some of the amazing vintage shops suggested by Karen Brit Chick 😉

Northern Lights

If you’ve read my travel posts before you would know that seeing the northern lights is a firm entry on my wanderlust list. At this point I’m not fussed about which country I see them in, just that I see them!


You might think, ‘Majean you can picnic anywhere’, yes but where I want to have a picnic is in the Grand Canyon! I had an opportunity to vist Las Vegas a few years ago, but didn’t see the Grand Canyon. So the next time I visit, it’s definitely something I will be ticking off on my 7 things to do before I die list.

Felucca Sailing

The final experience on my 7 places I plan to visit before I die is to ride in a felucca. Ever since I moved to this country, I wanted to go see the pyramids but this has moved down to second place. Now, I want to sail in a felucca across the Nile. These are simple egyptian sail boats that you get to chill on during the day and sleep on at night under the stars.

It would be amazing to accomplish these 7 things and I feel that I would learn a lot about myself. How about you, what are your 7 places?

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