Building A Healthier Mindset

Building a healthier mindset - Bali sunset

We’re half-way through the year and it’s actually insane to think that we will be ringing in 2018 soon! I guess it’s true what they say, ‘time waits for no one’. Anyway, today’s post is about building a healthier mindset because I have seen quite a lot of negativity floating around social media. Plus, the world has gotten a lot more dark and toxic. Whilst I can’t wave a magic wand and solve the world’s problems, I can share with you some tips to help you feel mentally healthier.

Building A Healthier Mindset

Firstly, I will say that some of these may not work for you and I acknowledge that. What I will say is to keep trying and don’t give up looking for something that will work for you. It’s like shopping for the right pair of shoes, you have to try a few that don’t fit, to find the pair that does!


A lot of us may not be aware of the negative record that’s playing in the background of our daily lives. We’ve gotten so used to it, that we no longer hear the crap that we a) tell ourselves or b) we internalised from others. For me, growing up I heard I ate too much which someone translated to that I was overweight. It wasn’t until I started training as a counsellor that I realised the impact it had on me. So pay attention to what you tell yourself in the background. You will be surprised and perhaps even mortified but, this is good because now you can do something about it! Which leads me to the next tip.

Clean House

When I say clean house, I mean clear out the negative people in your life. Building a healthier mindset is not an easy task and having negative people around you will derail all your good work. This does not mean you delete all your friends but perhaps you can have a talk with them. Discuss how their actions are impacting on you, especially if they keep commenting on how you live your life. Then, if they continue to be negative towards you, you can find a way to extricate yourself from the friendship in a way that feels good for you.

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Yes, this tip is always spoken about when it comes to building a healthier mindset and there’s a good reason for this. Once you start recognising all the things, people, experiences and opportunities you have or had, suddenly life has a different slant on it. The gratitude you feel helps you to realise that actually your life isn’t as bad as you think it is and it can help combat some of the crap you tell yourself that you’ve become aware of.

Speak It

As crazy as it sounds, talk to yourself. Think of words of realistic positivity to yourself every single day. I say realistic because, I’m not about the whole life is beautiful all the time bs! Nope! Life is both beautiful and crappy, and once we realise that, positivity becomes less of a buzz word and more of something we live each day.

Enjoy More

The last couple of years have been incredibly tough for me and one of things I learnt was to do more things I enjoyed. It makes such a huge difference and actually, life becomes more colourful and interesting. Additionally you feel good and when you feel good, your thoughts start to shift to reflect these good feelings. If you don’t know what makes you feel good, try stuff out!

Those are my 5 tips on building a healthier mindset. What do you think? Do you have tips that I missed out on? Let me know in the comments below.

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Until next time, be well!


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