What Italians Teach About Love

What Italians Teach About love

Happy Tuesday and end of May giraffes! Spring is quickly coming to an end and summer will be here before we know it! Today’s post is looking at what Italians teach about love. I wanted to do a post about love because it seems as though we need a lot of it. Recent events have hit close to home for quite a few and attacks on innocent people across the world is coming in thick and fast. So this is my small attempt to rebalance some of the hate because quite frankly I don’t know what else I can do.

What Italians Teach About Love

I was recently in Salerno and as I had a few days to myself, I was able to people watch. It’s one of my favourite things to do. I guess once a counselling therapist, always an observer of people. Through my observations of couples, families and friends, here’s what I learned

Physical Affection

Everywhere I went, people were holding hands and greeted each other warmly. Whether it was a hug, kisses on the cheeks or pats on the back. They weren’t afraid to show each other physical affection, friendliness and love. We all need warm physical contact and the more the better. Premature babies chances of survival increase when they’re held. So go hug a friend, a dog, your spouse or someone you want to show love to.

Quality Time is Important

Most lunchtimes found me at the pier and so were a lot of people. Some shops and restaurants closed and they took the time to spend with loved ones. There was a lot of talking and kissing and laughing. It reminded me that it’s not how many times you see a loved one, but the quality of that time.

Little Things Matter

Helping a person out of the car. Or, sharing the bowl of pasta. Or, sitting with your friends by the sea whilst you helped each other study. That and more I saw and it reaffirmed that little things matter more than the big things. For me, it matters when I speak to my mother weekly. We may not be discussing anything other than what’s for lunch and what she’s cooking. So don’t discount the little things that show love and care.

To those out there who are confused and feel helpless, live and love well. We need more people to shine their light in the darkness.

As always, thank you for reading!

Until next time, be well!


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