Restaurants to Try

Restaurants to try

Well hello there Thursday! This week feels as though it’s flown by. With Valentine’s and Galantine’s day approaching, I thought I would share with you my list of restaurants to try. Now these are restaurants I’ve never been to before but, based upon the reviews and word of mouth, they sound amazing! Hopefully this will give you some inspiration if you haven’t booked anything yet.

Restaurants to Try

Bone Daddies

Now this place I have heard whispers about but didn’t really pay attention to until recently. I’m a sucker for passionate, creative and innovative people and it appears the chef ticks these boxes. He’s basically taken Japanese food and infused it with soul, adding a good few tablespoons of Rock.

I’ve been craving ramen and haven’t had it satiated, so maybe Bone Daddies will do the trick!


Babylon at The Roof Gardens

This restaurant is on my list of restaurants I would to try mostly because it’s a roof top one. Not to mention the reviews and menu seem pretty amazing. Fabulous decor with a contemporary British menu to match and I’m thinking, I need to see if it lives up to the hype.

restaurants to try- Roof Gardens

Based in Kensington, I’m sure the views will be spectacular. Not sure what it is but I seem to have a thing for places that are high up in the sky like when I went here.



This bar, restaurant, cafe and shop combo is in Greenwich and one of the reasons I would love to try this restaurant is because of the test menus. Every Tuesday guests can blind test new dishes on the menu and give their honest opinion. In essence you get to be a part of the creative process and help them craft a fabulous menu.

restaurants to try, Craft Restaurant

To be a part of their Test Tuesday, you can make a reservation from 6pm onwards for £28.


Next, I would love to share restaurants I’d like to try in other parts of the world. Do you have any restaurants you would like to try? Share in the comments below.

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