Travel Review of 2016

Travel review of 2016

Happy Thursday travel giraffes! How has the start of 2017 been treating you? I thought for my first travel post of 2017, I would do a travel review of 2016. I was incredibly blessed (such an overused/misused word) to have had opportunities to travel as much as I did last year. Some of the trips were planned but mostly they were spontaneous and just what I needed.

Travel Review of 2016


As I mentioned before some of my trips were a bit spontaneous and Venice was one of them. It involved a friend saying hey, ‘what are you doing for Easter?’ and before you know it the trip was booked!

travel review of 2016- Top of St Mark's Venicetravel review of 2016-view of Venice, Italy

I had always wanted to visit this beautiful city and thought I would have done so with a SO (significant other) but a girlie getaway was perfect! Even more so as it was my birthday!


Ok so everybody and their mother has either been to Paris or wants to go to Paris.

travel review of 2016- Eiffel towertravel review of 2016- Paris, gardens

Can’t say I blame them, can you? Again this was a spontaneous booking and only for a day! Must remember to do something like this again and don’t worry I’ll come tell you all of the wonderful things you can do in 24 hours in this city 😉


Next up on my travel review of 2016 list is Denmark, specifically Copenhagen. I was fortunate enough to have a friend living in this underrated city and I decided to re-visit.

travel review in 2016- copenhagen

travel review of 2016- Little Mermaid

Beautiful during late spring, as the sun comes out and although a little crisp, still warm enough to walk around in and enjoy the sights.

Side note: The danish peeps have incredible home decor style! We spent 4 hours in one store!


What can I say I love Italy! There’s something magical and graceful about this city that I can’t put my finger on….yet!

travel review of 2016- St Peter's Basilicatravel review of 2016- Colosseum

Maybe it’s the history, architecture or the delicious food but I do want to go again and again and again.


Going closer to home, I travelled to Antigua for my last trip of 2016.

Travel review of 2016- open seas Antiguatravel review- Jolly Harbour beach

Having come from the Trinidad and Tobago, Antigua wasn’t a place I had visited before but I’m glad I did. Every island is different and offers something unique to their own culture.

This brings me to the end of my travel review of 2016 and I would love to know where are you planning to go this year? Let me know in the comments below, I would love some inspiration to feed my wanderlust.

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Until next time, be well


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