Multimasking with Belle Azul

Multimasking with Belle Azul

If there was any doubt that winter is in full swing, I think the grey-er than usual days and plummeting temperatures will sweep them away. Inevitably, with colder days comes central heating, dry air, the ocassional arctic winds and problematic skin. This winter season has been especially tough on my skin and I needed some heavy duty help which I found through multimasking with Belle Azul.

Multimasking with Belle Azul

Multimasking with belle azul, trio

Multimasking has become popular over the last 12 months or so. It’s basically where you use different masks to treat different areas on your skin simultaneously. Great if you need to add moisture, but your t-zone needs a detox and your forehead needs plumping.

Needless to say when Barcelona based beauty company Belle Azul approached me, I jumped at the chance to try their multimasking face masks.

Face Masks

There are 3 masks* that target specific concerns. The blue mask, Age Filler, is for a smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of lines. Next is the green mask, Instant Detox which helps to clear decongested skin. Finally, we have the pink mask, Glow Revival, which is my favourite beause it adds hydration and a natural glow to the skin.

multimasking with belle azul


All the masks have a soft yet clay like texture, which makes it easy to apply a thin layer on the skin. Each mask contains shea butter and natural ingredients to specifically target your concerns.

The masks are relatively easy to remove however, I would advise using a warm damp cloth for faster removal. I had no dry or tight feeling during or after usage, which I have found in some clay based masks.

My skin felt soft and smooth after one use and when I used the Glow Revival mask on it’s own it did look less dull. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, here, skin care takes time and I will keep using to see if there’s any difference.

Have you tried these masks before? I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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*product provided by Belle Azul. Thoughts and views about this product are my own


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