Day 8: How to Create Decadent Hot Chocolate

decadent hot chocolate

Happy Monday lovely we’re past the halfway mark, which means Christmas day will be here soon! In today’s post I’m sharing ingredients to help you create a decadent hot chocolate for the festive season.

decadent hot choclate

Irish Cream

This cream based liqueur is incredibly versatile in that not only can you drink it straight but you can add this to your home-made cheesecake and hot chocolate. To give your hot chocolate a bit of decadence, simply add a splash to your already prepared hot chocolate. For even more luxury add a bit of whipped cream to the top with shavings of chocolate.

Chocolate Spread

Apart from using it on croissants at breakfast, to add a bit of chocolatey-ness to your hot chocolate, add a couple of teaspoons to already made hot chocolate. You can add more depending on the size of your mug and how rich you’d like it.


Chocolate and coffee have a way of enhancing each other, a bit like a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes would enhance my closet ;). Heat up some milk in a milk pan, add the cocoa and coffee plus anything else you feel to add like a few drops of vanilla essence and et voila! If it’s too bitter, then a pinch of salt and a little bit of sugar should help balance it out.


Now this I’m a huge fan of, especially if it’s hazelnut or praline. Adding flavoured hot chocolate takes the luxury and decadence factor up a notch. If nut flavours aren’t your thing, then you could try vanilla or caramel. Add whipped cream and chocolate flakes and you have the perfect drink to curl up on the sofa with to Netflix and chill :).

What’s your favourite thing to add to hot chocolate or coffee? If I experience or experiment with any other ingredients you can add to create a decadent hot chocolate, I will be sure to report back. It’s a hard job but someone has got to do this important research 😉

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