Must Do in Antigua

Avoid travel pitfalls- Antigua sunset

Hello beautiful people, my aim with this blog is to help as many people as I can in some small way. So hopefully my last post (here) did that. Switching gears I’m sharing with you the one thing you must do in Antigua. Whilst there are lots of things you can do such as visiting the capital, St John’s, and touring the black pineapple farm. Or you could visit all 365 beaches dotted all over the island. You could even take a boat across to Barbuda, it is Antigua Barbuda after all ;). However, my big tip is to hire a yacht to see the island.

Must Do In Antigua

We set sail on one bright and sunny Friday morning. Filled with food, drink and laughter ready to have a fun filled day. We were definitely not disappointed!



After some time the Captain settled on a location and we treated to turtles popping their heads up to survey their surroundings. Too quick for my amateur photography skills. But our resident merman/cook managed to find one of these….

antigua-pt2-6Don’t worry folks little starfishy was gently placed back where it belonged. Happy as a clam??

After we filled our bellies, the Captain decided to take us on a tour and we were definitely shown the beauty of Antigua.

antigua-pt2-3The stone formations look like a sleeping giant! It looks like its going to wake any momet especially when the waves started splashing!

must do in antiguaSee! What I tell ya?! 🙂

So to recap, taking a yacht out for the day enables you to see much more than you would on land. You encounter marine life and you get to see an amazing sunset over the ocean.

antigua-pt2-9So what do you think about my suggestion on what you must do in Antigua? Let me know in the comments below.

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