Get Ready for Winter

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Happy Tuesday and end of November! Christmas is less than a month away and so is winter. Today’s post is all about helping you get ready for winter. The winter season in the UK isn’t necessarily bright and crisp, it’s more grey, rainy and cold…not fun! So here are my tips.

Tips to Get Ready for Winter


This is the season where you need to really pay attention to your skin and moisture is your bff! Between the cold winds and central heating your skin takes a beating, so moisture both inside and out is needed.


I’ve talked about this before and I’ll say it again, oil is your skin’s best friend. Not only is it great for removing makeup and impurities, but it doesn’t strip your skin.

get ready for winter face oilsUsing face masks are also a great way of adding moisture to your face depending on the type of mask used.


Our poor nails (fingers and toes) take a beating and we end up with brittle nails that can break in the most painful places. The genius people at 7th Heaven have a mask for your cute digits, leaving them moisturised and ready for winter.

get ready for winter with masks


Just like our face needs extra tlc, so does our body. I noticed the skin on my legs have been incredibly dry and that’s started within in the last couple of weeks. I realised my body lotion is just not up to the job so I will make my own. Some shea butter, coconut oil, a few drops of essential oil and vitamin E will give my skin the needed nourishment.

Food and Water

Regardless of the season we’re in water will always be a key component. Contrary to popular belief, our bodies are clever enough to extract water from our food and drink. Not an excuse to not drink plain water however, if you prefer a warm drink then warm lemon water is great. Or, drinking tea! The London Tea Company has a great selection of teas that are delicious.

get ready for winter fruits and drinks

Fruit and Vegetables

It’s easy to overdose on comfort food, it’s freezing outside after all. However getting your vitamins in is incredibly important because we have the dreaded flu swirling around. But with a few tweaks you can still have your comfort food and still be healthy.

No one wants to eat a salad when that temperature drops to 2 degrees celsius, I know I don’t! However, adding grated carrots to bolagnese ensures your that you can get needed vitamins. You can also roast sweet potato, carrots and sweet peppers to go with your salmon or meat.

The easiest way to get your fruits and vegetables in would be to either juice or create a smoothie


We also need to prep our homes for the winter, whether it’s bleeding the radiators or, putting draft excluders at the doors. Changing the smell of your home is a great way to get ready for winter. It not only changes the vibe in your place, it can also makes you feel good. Depending on the scent of course!

get ready for winter diffuser

Mind and Spirit

This year winter starts a few days before Christmas and goes on for months. After the holiday season and the climax of a new year, you can be left feeling a bit flat.


If you haven’t tried journalling before winter is a great time to start. Or pick up if you stopped. You get an opportunity to clear your mind and/or plan for the next few months.

get ready for winter journalling

If you’d like something deeper, then Danielle La Porte has a great interactive book called the Desire Map. It looks at goal setting from the perspective of how do you want to feel.

Adult Colouring

This phenomena has been around for awhile and doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I can see why! Colouring is peaceful and pretty relaxing, which is great for stress relief.

get ready for winter with colouringSnuggled up on your sofa with that warm winter fragrance and a hot cup of tea (or hot chocolate), you can colour stresses away.

Now I’d love hear in the comments below how you get ready for winter.

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