Visiting Antigua

Jolly harbour mountain view Antigua

Happy Thursday my beauty! This week has flown by and the year is quickly coming to an end! Eek! If you’re following me on instsagram then you would have seen that I was recently in beautiful Antigua. You would think that coming from the Caribbean I would have visited Antigua before, but I hadn’t. Something quite a few people don’t realise is that, there are so many islands that make up the Caribbean; it would take a lot of time to get through them all. Each island is unique with its own culture, accent and food. Needless to say I was intrigued to experience what Antigua had to offer and it did not disappoint!


Back to Antigua, leaving from Gatwick on a comfy Virgin Atlantic flight, I was pretty happy as it was cold and dark when we left. Fast forward to 9 hours later and I’m landing in 28 degrees temperature ready to peel my layers off. Woohoo hello my old friend sunshine 🙂

Overview jolly harbour antiguaJolly Harbour mountain Antigua

We stayed in Jolly Harbour which is a favourite with yacht owners as there’s a marina.  Not to mention beautiful villas and hotels. I would recommend renting a villa if there’s a group of you, as Antigua isn’t the cheapest island. However, it does make up for that with 365 beaches, so pack your swim wear accordingly.

 Jolly Beach Antigua

I count myself incredibly fortunate to be able to have these experiences and this sunset from the balcony was one of them.

sunset over water Antigua

Sunset view Antigua

It certainly beats the grey skies we’ve had here in the UK. I’m always looking for travel inspiration and would love to know where you are going to escape the cold? Share in the comments below.

Next travel post I will share with you the one thing you shouldn’t miss out on doing whilst in Antigua. You’re going to love it so don’t forget to subscribe!

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