Things to do in Venice

Things to see in Venice- sunset

No I’m going back to Venice again…yet! However I thought I would share with you things to do in Venice because you know it’s Venice! If you haven’t been before then read on 🙂

Gondola Ride

Okay yes it is a cliché but you can’t go to Venice and not do it. Yes it is pricey but only if you want a whole gondola for yourself, but if you share it then it works out to a much more reasonable cost.

Things to do in Venice- gondola rides

Climb the bell tower

St Mark’s Campanile found in San Marco’s square is a bell tower that you can climb, technically you go up in the lift. You can purchase tickets in advance or, you can chance it and purchase on the day. Be prepared to queue during peak season. With 360 degree views around the square, it is a sight to behold and so worth it.

Things to do in Venice- St Mark's CampanileThings to do in Venice- 360 degree views

Tour around Murano, Burano and Torcello

A half day boat tour around these 3 islands is great because you get to spend some time on each island and learn a bit about the history. Burano is a cute fishing village with colourful houses dotted along the water.

Things to do in Venice- Burano

Murano is where murano glass originated from and you get to see the process.

Things to do in Venice- Murano

Things to do in Venice- Murano glass making

Torcello, has really old Byzantine churches.

Things to do in Venice- TorcelloThings to do in Venice- Byzantine

Watch the sunset over the water

Take the tour in the afternoon so on your way back from the tour, you can view the sunsetting over the water. It’s simply divine.

Things to do in Venice

Eat and Drink

Providing you’re within the drinking age limit and like wine then please go visit Vineria all’Amarone in San Polo. They have an amazing selection of local wines and Ciccheti (finger food). Intimate with friendly service, it’s the perfect place to unwind after walking your feet off.

Things to do in Venice- all'amaroneThings to do in Venice- wine bar

If you’ve been to Venice before what are your favourite places?

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