Fashion Hacks

Hello fashion giraffes! I know it’s been awhile since I posted a fashion post (here) but I’m here today to share with you my fashion hacks. I love hacks because they can be practical and help you save money.

Fashion Hacks

Shop menswear

Yup that’s right the men’s section in your favourite high street store can be your best friend. Personally, I think they have the best white shirts, hoodies and scarves. I think perhaps it has to do with the material and how thick they are. As it’s getting colder in this part of the world, I’ll be visiting the men’s section to get a nice warm scarf or two πŸ˜‰

Tricky zips

I learnt this hack years ago from a lovely friend, who is the fount of all things practical. If your zip keeps sticking try running a pencil along it whilst closed. The lead in the pencil loosens up the zip so it runs alot smoother. You may need to do it a few times for it to be effective, but once it works, it works!

Wearing heels

Ok so you want to wear a pair of heels at your staff party this, then start practicing from now. Decide on your end heel height and begin with a low block heel or wedges at home, until you feel comfotable. Then start wearing them out to lunches, brunches and coffees. Next go up by an inch in heel height, repeating the process until you get to your chosen heel height. By the time your event comes around you’ll feel more confident in heels.

Clear Nail Polish

Not just for protecting that fabulous colour, they’re also great for preventing costume jewellery from turning you or it green. It’s also amazing for stopping a little ladder in your stockings (tights). You know the ones that appear just as you’re running for the bus, when you have no time to get a new pair? Yup those pesky ones can be stopped in their tracks πŸ˜‰

Peanut Butter

My final hack is courtesy of Wendy from Wendyslookbook (hey girl!). If you don’t know who she is then you definitely should get to know her work because her sense of style and fashion is phenomenal! Enough fangirling :). She demonstrated the perfect way to remove sticky residue off your shoes. You know the tags you get at the bottom of your shoes, that you need to peel off (please peel them off). They can leave residue and she used peanut butter to remove it and it worked! You can view the video here.

Those are all my hacks for today but if you’d like to read more, check out the infographic below from Betabrand. Be sure to check out their stylish clothing that creatively embraces many of these style hacks for easier, stress free fashionable style.

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