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Hello! Hello! How has the week been treating you? Summer is quickly coming to an end and like me, you’re probably wondering where the hell did it go? Moving on to today’s post, like the title says, I’m sharing my Ten Practical Life Hacks with you. I know the tintyweb is filled with a plethora of hacks, but these are actual ones that I use. On with the story Super Grover πŸ™‚ (comment if you got the Sesame Street reference).

ten practical life hacks on www.majeang.com



The first two hacks relate to money and specifically credit cards. It’s a plastic society and rarely do we use cash, there are pros and cons to both. However, you do have a credit card and have balance on it which you are trying to clear, consider a zero percent balance transfer to another credit card. Just ensure that the balance transfer fee isn’t some ridiculous amount and that you do pay off the full balance within the allotted time.

The second hack is beneficial if like me, you like being a passenger on a plane and that’s to get a credit card with airmiles. There are a few on the market such as, BA Amex and Virgin Atlantic. Check that there isn’t an annual fee and if there is one make sure you’re happy to pay it.


Speaking of travel, this hack is for anyone who is taking public transport in London. If you’re in London once in awhile and you have a contactless debit or credit card, it can work out cheaper to use that instead of purchasing a ticket. Trying to understand the ticketing system for the trains, tubes and buses can give you a headache! However, from personal use I know I saved money using my contactless debit card, instead of purchasing a ticket.


I mentioned this in my, Organising your Ish blog post and that’s putting your nighttime beauty products on your bedside table. Great for those nights you’re exhausted and can’t face standing by the sink. Put your face wipes, serum, eye cream and moisturiser within arms length and you won’t have to sleep in your make up. We all know that’s not great for your pores right? Right!

An all purpose balm is great to have in your beauty kit because they’re great for chapped lips, ashy elbows and knees. Even little scratches you may happen to get if you find yourself banging into things, like me. I’m a big fan of Lucas’ Papaw ointment or there’s also Elizabeth Arden 8-hour cream.

This practical life hack is all about coconut oil. Yes I know you’ve heard this mentioned a gazillion times but it is worth mentioning. It’s great for oil pulling, removing makeup, add to shea butter to make a natural body butter and cook with it.


If you bought too many berries from your market run, parcel them off and freeze them to add to smoothies. You can do the same for fresh garlic, ginger and spring onion. Great for adding to any meal.


Shoes! If you’ve been reading my blog for some time you know that I love shoes. If this is your first time, welcome and thanks for reading! Please subscribe πŸ™‚ I digress. Shoes can make or break an outfit and there’s nothing worse than messed up shoes. Messed up in the sense that the heel needs replacing or it needs a polish. Please take care of your shoes and they will take care of your feet.

Ladies get yourself measured so you’re wearing the correct size bra. Your lady lumps will thank you and maybe even your back.

My final tip is to try any new look, whether it’s makeup, a haircut or new colour months before any big event. There’s nothing worse than trying something 2 days or even the day of and realise you hate it. Not fun and you won’t feel comfortable.

That’s all I have for you today. Do you have any practical life hacks? Do you use any that I have mentioned? Let me know in the comments below.

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