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Happy travel Thursday! I just got back from a trip, which I will tell you all about it in an upcoming post. However I realise that I did a travel bucket last last year and felt it was time to do an updated version. I have been fortunate enough to tick a couple of places on my first list (here and here), so here are another five places in five years.

5 places in 5 years on

Five Places in Five Years


Over the past year or so I’ve been hearing scattering conversations about Berlin, which is enough to leave me intrigued. The city is not only steeped with history and techno but it’s also has amazing street art. The other fascinating thing about Berlin are the hotels. There’s an array of boutique hotels that are quirky, chic and full of character. Plus direct flights from London are under 2 hours and with flight prices starting from Β£30 return, it’s a win-win.


Museums, camel rides in the desert, shopping in the souks, hammans and spas. Need I say more? No I didn’t think so πŸ™‚


Let me start off by saying that because I hail from the Caribbean I’m not a big fan of the cold. It’s pretty to look at the snow, indoors drinking a hot chocolate by a log fire. That said, I really want to visit Norway! Yup the girl who doesn’t like the cold wants to go to probably one of the coldest countries. The reason for this is because I want to take a train journey that looks like….



Another cold country, there must be something wrong with me. Or there must be something right with the place. Namely whale watching and the Northern lights. Although you can see whales year round, the best time to see them are between May to September. Whereas, the lights are best seen on a clear night during the months between November to March. Plus if you can find a hot tub to view them, even better. Sounds like a great place to spend the Christmas or New year break to me πŸ™‚


This country has been a huge pull as I suppose it has been for a lot of people. The idea that hundreds of years ago people constructed the pyramids without the technology we have today is amazing. I would love to visit the Valley of Kings, the Karnak and sail along the Nile on the way to Alexandria imagining what Cleopatra was really like.

Some of my reasons for wanting to visit these places can be viewed as ‘romantic’ but to me travel is like a love affair. You visit a place and either lose your heart completely. Or you broke your heart and vow never to return.

That’s my five places in five years for 2016. What’s on your travel bucket list? I would love to read, because I am nosey and always looking for inspiration.

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