New In for S/S 2016

New clothing items for spring

Hello lovelies hope you had a fabulous weekend.

If you live in the UK don’t you just love the weather we’ve been having? I know I have, since it’s been long overdue…hello spring summer! I’ve been so inspired by the weather that I had to pick up a couple of things whilst in Paris and Copenhagen. Since they’re from Zara, you can pick them up if you like what you see. Let’s take a look at my new in for s/s 2016.

New In for S/S 2016

Lace and ruffles are back in, in a big way. Now I don’t like to overdo the ruffles, but a little bit here and there I like. This top I saw in Malmo, which is actually in Sweden. The 2 countries are so close to each other that I took a day trip and ended up in Zara. Go figure!

Lace ruffle blouse by ZaraI just loved the details in the top. The cut is boxy and can be tucked into a high waisted skirt for a chic look. Or, over skinny jeans with some heels for an elegantly casual look.

Next, from Zara are 2 pieces I picked up in Paris in neutral colours which gives it versatility.

knitwear jumper by Zara

This jumper is so soft and warm, but not too warm that you can’t wear it in this weather. Plus I’m always cold so for me this works all the time!

knitwear and lace blouse by Zara


I’ve been thinking of getting a tote bag to carry my laptop around with me, when I get tired of working from home. A change of scenary is good for sparking inspiration and getting your creativity going. As this bag was only 19.99 I thought it was a steal of a deal!

Zara tote bagFinally, I needed a pair of ankle boots and you all know how much of a fan I am of Shoeaholics? No? Well read about it here. I wanted something with a block heel yet stylish and the Shake ankle boots in taupe suede by Miss KG was perfect. The colour meant I could pair it with lots in my wardrobe and the fringe detailing at the back gave a nod to the boho chic trend. The only downside to these beauties, are that they rub at the back just above my ankles.

Shake taupe suede ankle bootsShake Taupe suede ankle boots by Miss KG, tote bag by ZaraWhat have you been loving and buying for s/s 2016? Let me know in the comments below.

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0 thoughts on “New In for S/S 2016


    Lol why is everyone using the word ‘cute’ in their comment. Lool! Don’t mind me, just something I noticed.

    Love all your picks!


    1. majeang

      Lol sign of the times 😜. Thanks x


  2. Lexi

    Cute clothes 🙂


  3. kayla

    I LOVE the white lace top and the bag! I need new Autumn clothes but all my money goes on travels 🙁 Time to bargain hunt! 🙂 xx


    1. majeang

      Thanks lovely! I’m sure you will find some great bargains. Such a worthy cause travelling…I wish I could travel 30% of what you do. X


  4. Sarah Petite Power

    Love the lace top! So cute!


  5. Emma

    I LOVE those boots. So cute!
    I can wear them for an Australian winter 😉


  6. bonnyoshea89

    Love that lace top and fringe booties – so cute!


    1. majeang

      Thanks! Great for summer 😊 x


  7. Caroline McQueen

    Gorgeous boots. I may have to make room in my wardrobe for a pair 😉


  8. Fashion Du Jour LDN

    Loving all these bits – fab pieces and really loving the stylish neutral vibe 😍

    Thanks for sharing,

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x


    1. majeang

      Thanks gorgeous! Neutrals are just yummy 😍😍 xx


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