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Free spirited, passionate, beautiful and soulful are just a few of the words I would use to describe my next interviewee, Carron Comerford, Director of Confidence through Movement, is a performer and dance instructor who runs weekly movement classes at Project Me Studio in Crouch End. She has a passion for life and all it’s beauty that she literally glides across the floor when she walks (I kid you not!). She is very grounded and yet open to new experiences. This stunning creature is incredibly kind-hearted and makes you believe in long lost forgotten dreams. I’ve also included a sneak peak into what her confidence classes are all about ūüėČ
Carron Comerford

What inspired you to get involved with singing and dancing?

They’ve always felt very natural to me. From as young as I can remember I would put on dance and singing shows for my family in the living room and across the landing! I was always involved with school productions, playing instruments, singing and dancing. It was something I never questioned. I had Kylie Minogue’s music videos on VHS and i would watch them non stop, I knew all the words and all the dance moves. The thing that sealed it for me was when I went to the clothes show live with my mum when it came to Birmingham and there was a dancer in the live show with blonde hair and a red dress and she was really living on stage! I thought to myself ‘ I wanna do that….I HAVE to do that!’.


What have you learnt about yourself through these art forms?

My goodness…Everything! So much.¬†They are¬†inextricably linked to who I am and¬†have influenced every aspect of my life. These art forms continue to provoke deep introspection, which I am aware I can take too far sometimes and I become disconnected from ‘reality’ and those around me. Ultimately through¬†them¬†I have learnt what makes me happy, which I think is the most valuable of all.


I’ve seen you dance and you look like you’ve been transported to another world; what goes on for you?

When I dance I feel free. I don’t think about anything, it’s like my soul is given permission to break free from the contraints of my physical body for a short time. It’s wonderful! Euphoric…addictive!


How was it performing with the London School of¬†Samba for last year’s Nottinghill Carnival?

The whole process was just incredible. LSS are like a big family and have welcomed me with open arms, for which I am so grateful. Everything from the costume workshops, to rehearsing with such skilled dancers and musicians really made my summer. I made some really great friends during this time because when you experience something together that is so emotionally heightened you become close really quickly. You just connect.


What type of music do you enjoy singing and listening to?

All kinds of music. Anything that makes me feel something, which varies from minute to minute! Really depends on my mood. Music for me is an outlet, for when I need a good cry, or just to move and shake off the day.


Between singing and dancing what’s your favourite and why?

Dancing is my first love because it feels as natural to me as breathing. But I love to sing, more for fun, and to perhaps say things I’m not bold enough to put into conversation.


If you could go back in time and meet yourself at age 15 what advice would you give her?

Believe in yourself. Don’t worry so much about the external, or other people’s expectations of you. Do what feels good for you and trust your gut.


 What is your life motto?

My mum always told me ‘Life isn’t a dress rehearsal’. Another favourite is ‘Be gorgeous, shine brightly, love life!’.


What makes your heart sing?


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