• Considering A Camper Trailer?

    considering a camper trailer

    The world seems to have gone travel mad. You meet different people and more often than not, they have a passion for travelling or camping. With travel comes accommodation and the variety of options available on the open road. Have you considered purchasing a camper trailer? Maybe you’ve looked into purchasing a campervan or were thinking of just sleeping in a simple tent. Well, camper trailers combine the best of both worlds. It will provide you with a sturdy, reliable and transportable home away from home that won’t break the bank. So read on if you're considering a camper trailer.

  • Hotel Bucketlist, Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos

    Hello travel junkies, I have revived my hotel bucketlist series. If you need a reminder of what this series is all about, here it is. Basically, these are hotels that I've seen or heard about that I would love to stay at (one day). Mostly, these are luxury hotels with something unique about them. The previous ones were in Amsterdam and Madrid. This month's hotel bucketlist is Cavo Tagoo in Mykonos.

  • Fun Summer Things to Do in London

    fun summer things to do in 2019

    Summer in London is pretty great especially when the sun is shining. There's always something exciting or new happening which gives you that neverending happy feeling. You know what I mean? Anyway I'm here to share with you all the fun summer things to do in London. A few fun summer things have already passed like, Wimbeldon where you not only get to enjoy tennis but the infamous Wimbeldon hospitality. Hyde Park and Wireless festivals but there's lots more in store!

  • What I did in Berlin for 48 Hours

    what I did in Berlin for 48 hours- tv tower

    So I went to Berlin for 48 hours, hence the title. I haven't been to many parts of Germany and to be honest I always hesitated to travel there on my own. But, I always wanted to visit Berlin and an opportunity came. Plus BA airmiles came in handy and voila! You might think that you can't get much done but actually you can! So here's what I did in Berlin for 48 hours.