• Best Things to do When Visiting Egypt

    I don't about you but I've always felt pulled to visit Egypt. How I haven't visited the country as yet is beyond me. Egypt is a country that spans the past right into the modern era. Situated in the northeast of Africa, and neighbouring Israel. Egypt is home to one of the world’s oldest and most evolved ancient civilizations. Of course, all that is left now are dusty pyramids, mummies, and hidden treasures. But with history available for you to explore around so many corners, you will have an amazing and inspiring holiday. From what I've heard (one of my bffs is Egyptian), here are some of the best things to do when visiting Egypt.

  • Ways to Experience A Different Type of Holiday

    ways to experience a different type of holiday

    As someone who has traveled extensively, and as I help so many wonderful people plan very special trips, I can understand the real need to start seeing the world differently these days. The world is no longer the big place that we used to imagine it was many years ago. We can travel from one side to the other in a day, we can explore unspoilt islands and beautiful places easier than ever before, and because of that, more people are wanting to be a little more adventurous with their travel plans. So if you find yourself in a bit of a conundrum of how to spend your vacation, and want to avoid the standard resort with a beach and hotel pool to enjoy, then here are ways to experience a different type of holiday.