Having Your Colours Done

Happy Monday beauties. Today’s post is a different slant on fashion and it’s all about having your colours done. If you’ve never heard of this I will explain. First off a little science :). You can’t tell what colours look good on yourself simply by looking at yourself in the mirror. We all have these cells deep in our skin that are either blue toned or yellow toned. These cells determine not only the colours but the shades that look best on us. If you think about the colour wheel, you will see that colours are either blue toned or yellow toned. For the purpose of colour analysis they are divided into seasons; winter, spring, autumn and summer.

Why have your colours done?

You may be wondering why would you even bother having your colours done. Have you ever worn an outfit where you felt confident? You received lots of compliments? You skin looked vibrant? Well that’s pretty much what it helps you to achieve consistently. Plus we human beings are very visual creatures. Yes the inside of a person is important but, we unconsciously form opinions of a person before we even say hello. If you don’t believe me, when you’re next in an environment to observe people be aware of your thoughts. What are you actually thinking about this person? Do you think they’re competent based upon their appearance? Do you dismiss the woman in your office because she doesn’t wear make-up, even though she’s wearing a suit? Appearance says a lot about a person and we base our first impressions on it.

What happens

I had my session with the lovely Ali Westmoreland from House of Colour, who explained what will take place and how it works. She also said that us girlies have a hard time sitting in front of the mirror. Some clients can’t look themselves in the eye and inevitably we always criticise ourselves, which is not allowed during the session.

I was covered with a white apron and my hair was covered as I had colour in my hair. Ali explained that this was to neutralise all the other colours. She then started draping different colours and shades of fabrics on me to see what difference, if any, they made. At first it was very subtle, until I started to see a difference.Turns out I was a winter and a sultry winter at that. I was hoping for summer since it’s my favourite season but, the winter colours are pretty vibrant and I like them πŸ™‚

having your colours done fabric swatches

Next Steps

Once your colours have been selected, they are rated to see which ones you can wear head to toe, or just as a bottom piece, or accessories. Or if the colour looks formal or casual. There’s a lot of information at the 2.5 hours session and at the end I was given a booklet on how to combine colours, my colour ratings and a swatch wallet that I can take with me when shopping. The key is not to match the colours exactly in the shop instead, the colours need to compliment each other.

A follow up email with instructions on how to slowly transition my wardrobe was sent. It takes about 2.5 years for a full transition to take place. Which is a relief because the thought of throwing out half my wardrobe is daunting.

Having your colours done makeup by House of Colour


Soon I will be going through my wardrobe with my swatch wallet and seeing if I have any sultry winter colours. So watch this space! It was such a worthwhile experience and I think everyone can benefit from a session. Knowing that you’re wearing colours that compliment and enhance your skin tone adds to your confidence. She also told me what colour lipsticks are best suited for me and provided tips on how to do a 90 second makeover. Handy!

I would love to know if you’ve ever had your colours done and how has it helped you. Or would you consider getting them done? Let me know in the comments below.

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To find out more click here or you can contact Ali here .Prices are – Β£130 for colour analysis, Β£175 for style, Β£55 for make-up, or a discounted price of Β£330 for all three classes.


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