August Lust List

Aug lust list on work in progress featuring asos

Hello beauties, how have you been? I haven’t done a lust list in awhile so welcome to my August lust list. This time however, it will be all from Asos because let’s face it, most if not all of us have some sort of obsession with Asos.

August Lust List

If you’ve been a subscriber of mine for a bit, you know that I have an obsession with shoes (here and here). Although I found these on Asos, they’re by Faith and called the Daniella Cross Strap Platform Heeled Sandals.

Faith Daniella cross strap platform sandals on Asos for Work in Progress August lust list

I really like the colour on these shoes because they’re very versatile and I’m not a big pink fan. I know what is wrong with me!? However it isn’t that I don’t like the colour pink, it’s all about the shade of pink. This shade works really well with most colours, think greens, purples and blues. Pair them with any shade of denim and voila you’ve made a plain outfit that bit more interesting.


These next items can all be worn for summer and some can transition into autumn.

Asos cami wrap jumpsuit for Work in Progress August lust list

I love a jumpsuit because it’s a one piece that makes you look like you made an effort. We all want to look like we’ve made an effort when really we haven’t. This pink jumpsuit (what’s wrong with me?) can easily be paired with the platform sandals to create a monochromatic look. This I would wear on a yacht in the South of France sipping on cocktails. If I had a yacht to go to and sip cocktails. A girl can but dream :). Oh the one downside of the jumpsuit, is that you have to get naked to use the restroom.


My next item is this green below the knee length Wiggle dress, that has a slit in the front

Asos pepper green dress for Work in Progress August lust list

This is what I like to call understated sexy. The slit in the front can show off a bit more leg whilst keeping the top covered. The back of the dress dips into a V where it meets the zip. Again these can pair very nicely with the pink sandals and you have done a subtle colour block. This dress is perfect for afternoon tea or dinner at The Shard.

I’m on a roll with one pieces and I guess it’s because they’re so easy to wear!

off the shoulder Asos maxi dress for Work in Progress August lust list

How could an August lust list not have a maxi dress?! Exactly! This dress ticks off 3 things for me; maxi dress, cold shoulder and blue. Blue is one of my favourite colours and navy blue gives off a very elegant vibe, whilst it being a cold shoulder with ruffles makes it playful. Again it goes with the shoes 🙂


The items I have shared are all under £50, which is pretty reasonably priced. However, there is one item that falls under the higher price bracket of £300 and it’s this Self Portrait strappy maxi dress.

Self Portrait strappy maxi dress on Asos for Work in Progress August lust list

It’s taken me awhile to get on the Self Portrait bandwagon but when I saw this maxi dress, I did seriously wonder how I could purchase it. Unfortunately, I can’t justify buying this dress although believe you me in my head I’ve worn it sipping sangria in Spain.

So that’s it my August lust list. What do you think? Tell me what are you lusting after for this month? I would love to read, so post your comments below.

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