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Happy London Fashion Week you fashion giraffes 🙂 today marks the start of London Fashion week (19 -23 February). I thought I would put together a mini guide for those of you who would like to see some some of the catwalk shows, even if your invite got lost in the post (don’t worry mine got lost too! ;)).

The twice a year events are held in New York, London, Milan and Paris with designers showcasing their fabulous designers for the upcoming season. If you’re into fashion then the ultimate win would be to be invited to one of thes fashion weeks. However if this dream is yet to materialise, mine hasn’t, then thank goodness for the internet because you can check out the London Fashion Week website which streams the shows live.

Side note: the first show starts at 11.00am this morning

Or, you can always follow your favourite vloggers/bloggers who usually provide up to date and sometimes behind the scences posts on various shows.

For NYFW, you can check out Marianna from for a recap. The thing I enjoy about her posts and videos is that you not only see photos of the catwalk but she also shows what she wore to the show and if you’re a foodie (raises hand) then you hear/read all about the yumminess.

I am a fan of Victoria from as she provides a great review of LFW on her blog. She’s a firm favourite with a lot of people and you can understand why. She transitioned her brand into the luxury beauty and fashion sector. So if you’re into Burberry, Gucci or Dior then she’s definitely your girl!

Chriselle Lim is great for both NYFW and Paris Fashion week. She started off as a stylist and built her brand to be a boss girl (woohoo). You get her personal take on the pieces and she puts together some pieces to wear that make me want to go shopping!

Another way for you to experience a catwalk show and get a feel for it, is to buy a ticket for London Fashion Weekend. I went on both occasions last year (see here and here) and although I wasn’t impressed with the new location I thought I would give it another shot. Plus, the catwalk show I have an opportunity to see is none other than Mary Kratrantzou, whose designers I’m very impressed by. Her use of colour and prints is fantastic. Who knows maybe I will be able to get some great pictures or interviews so watch this space! 😉

Are any of you going to any of the shows? Who else should I follow for up to the minute fashion show news? Comment below.

As always thank you for reading.

Until next time be well


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