Instant gratification

Morning beautiful! It’s been a trying week but yaay it’s almost the weekend! Anyway today’s post is a short one and it’s just some musings about instant gratification and the convenience of it all.


We live in a world where you can pretty have or get everything at the push of a button or a few buttons.

You feeling hungry? Tap, tap food ordered and knock knock it’s at your front door.Online shopping, degrees, ordering a taxi (hey Uber!), apps (my favourite ones are here just in case ;)) and including coffee. Although my coffee friends (sorry I’m the hot chocolate girl) aren’t impressed by instant coffee, go figure!

Like everything in life there are positives and negatives to convenience and I do wonder though where’s the excitement in waiting for things? You know the excitement in waiting or working towards a goal.

Personally, having so much convenience can make me a bit sluggish. Why cook healthy food when I get take out. Or why walk 5 mins when the bus stop is right there?

Benefits are that you save time to invest in things that matter, like spending time with friends and family. But is all that saved time really invested into the things that matter? What I do know for sure is that It’s all about balance and too much of one or the other isn’t so good.

What do you think? And what’s your guilty convenient pleasure?

As always thanks for reading and commenting. It really does mean a lot to mean and yes I’m one of those sad people who gets excited when I see a notification that when someone has commented or liked a post 🙂

Until next time be well


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0 thoughts on “Instant gratification

  1. Ellie

    This is such a fab post hun, I do think that the more technological the world is getting, the less we’re doing and the lazier the world is. Convenience is incredible but I feel like soon we’ll be doing nothing for ourselves. A really thought provoking post!



    1. majeang

      Yes a bit like that movie WALL E where robots did everything for humans. Thank you very much! X


  2. Zoe at Splodz Blogz

    This is spot on. Having everything so easy does make us lazy. But there is huge pleasure in spending time on something and reaping the rewards later. I just have to get off my butt and put the effort in!

    And those comment notifications are awesome – hope this one made you smile x


    1. majeang

      Tell me about it….I too need to get off my butt! Yes I had a grin from ear to ear. Thank you x


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