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Hello beautiful how are you today? As you can tell from the title, today’s post is about anti-ageing.

I attended a blogger event hosted by the lovely Hayley of 30 Plus Blog Collective and Avene. You’ve heard of Avene before right? They’re the French brand that uses thermal spring water in their products. Recently, they launched a skincare line called Physiolift, which is their anti-ageing range of products. For it’s launch they decided to open conversations with women 30+ years on the topic of positive ageing.

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There was a panel of experts to weigh in on this topic: Jane Cunningham, a beauty blogger; Dr Sam Bunting, cosmetic dermatologist; Dr Linda Papadopolous, a psychologist, who I am such a fan of, what can I say it’s the therapist in me πŸ™‚ and Amanda Miles, Marketing Manager of Avene Thermae.

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I arrived a bit late (whoops) however, what I did catch was pretty engaging and passionate. Firstly, the media portrays getting old as if it’s some sort of affliction that we’re meant to avoid at all costs. Does anyone recall Maggie Gyllenhall who was told that at age 37, she was too old to play the love interest of a 50 something year old man? Yup that happened.

Nothing wrong with being or looking young but the reality is, you aren’t going to be 21 forever (shock horror!). My own personal view is that ageing is part of life’s cycle and once you accept that, ageing becomes more about letting go of the hangups that no longer serve you. Your view on life expands and hopefully you can live life to it’s fullest with a kick ass shoe collection! But that’s just me :).

The way some brands view ageing is so negative that it’s any wonder that we have an increase in pre-teens and older women seeking therapy, to help with eating disorders/body image. I’m not saying that society, media and brands are to shoulder all the responsibility for this but sometimes they don’t help which is why I think it’s such a good idea for brands like Avene, to engage with consumers on this issue.

You have people living longer, more disposable income and a keen interest in maintaining their health. So brands, media and society STOP with the negativity. Pay attention to the needs of the 30+ group or you will be missing out on a wealth of knowledge, experience, beauty and income. Thank you πŸ™‚

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